Zoning Bylaw No. 12375

Section 15.6 - CD22 - Central Green

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September 26, 2022
Zoning Bylaw - Section 15.6 CD 22 - Central Green chapter image
Section 15.6 CD22 - Central Green
15.6.1 Zone Purpose
Section 15.6.1 Zone Purpose
CD22 – Central GreenThe purpose of this Central Green Comprehensive Development Zone is to provide for the integrated design of a comprehensive development of the Central Green Lands as a low environmental impact mixed use development.
15.6.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
Section 15.6.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
CD22 – Central Greenn/an/a
15.6.3 CD22 Permitted Land Uses
Section 15.6.3 CD22 Permitted Land Uses
Uses('P' = Principal Use, 'S' = Secondary Use, '-' = Not Permitted)
Sub-Areas A & B .2Sub-Areas C & G .2Sub-Areas D .2Sub-Areas E & F .2Sub-Areas H .2Sub-Areas I .2
Accessory Buildings or StructuresSSSSSS
Apartment HousingPPPPP-
Agriculture, UrbanPPPPPP
Animal Clinics, MinorS-----
Boarding or Lodging Houses-PPPP-
Child Care Centre, MajorSSSSSS
Cultural and Recreation ServicesSSSSS-
Education ServicesS-----
Food Primary EstablishmentS----S
Health ServicesS-----
Home-Based Business, MinorSSSSS-
Liquor Primary EstablishmentsS .1    S .1
Participant Recreation Services, IndoorS----S
Participant Recreation Services, Outdoor-----P
Personal Service EstablishmentsS-----
Professional ServicesS-----
Religious AssembliesS-----
Residential Security/Operator UnitS----S
Short-Term Rental AccommodationsSSSSSS
Stacked TownhousesPPPPP-
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.6.3):
.1 The maximum capacity for liquor primary establishments is 100 persons. Liquor primary establishments must hold a Liquor Primary Licence.
.2 This zone has been organized into nine (9) sub-areas as illustrated on Map 15.6. Each area will have its own principal and secondary uses as per this table.
15.6.4 CD22 Subdivision Regulations
15.6.4 CD22 Subdivision Regulations
m = metres / m2 = square metres
Sub-Areas A & BSub-Areas C & GSub-Areas DSub-Areas E & FSub-Areas HSub-Areas I
Min. Lot Widthn/an/an/an/an/an/a
Min. Lot Depthn/an/an/an/an/an/a
Min. Lot Arean/an/an/an/an/an/a
Min. number of LotsFourTwo .1One .1Two .1One .1One .1
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.6.4):
.1 Any lots are created, shall have the area, size and shape of the corresponding CD22 Central Green sub-areas as shown on Map 15.6. 
15.6.5 CD22 Development Regulations
15.6.5 CD22 Development Regulations
m = metres / m2 = square metres
CriteriaZone Sub-Areas
Sub-Areas A & BSub-Areas C & GSub-Areas DSub-Areas E & FSub-Areas HSub-Areas I
Max. Density4.0 FAR2.0 FAR2.0 FAR1.0 FAR .51.7 FAR .60.1 FAR .7
Max. Height72 m16.5 m & 4 storeys16.5 m & 4 storeys12 m & 3 storeys16.5 m & 4 storeys10.0 m
Max. Site Coverage of all Buildings50% .150% .150%40%50%n/a
Min. Front Yard and Flanking Side Yard Setback0.0m .23.0 m3.0 m3.0 m3.0 m4.5 m
Min. Side Yard Setback3.0 m .33.0 m .33.0 m3.0 m3.0 m3.0 m
Min. Rear Yard Setback3.0 m .3 , .47.0 m .3 , .43.0 m3.0 m3.0 m3.0 m
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.6.5):
.1 Parking structures above finished grade and surfaced with landscaping or useable open space shall not be included in the calculation of site coverage.
.2 The front yard is considered Harvey Avenue. The flanking side yard is considered Richter Street.
.3 The setbacks exclude the parking structure.
.4 The parking structures must have a 0.0 m rear yard setback and the parking structure within sub-areas A & B must be coordinated with sub-areas C & G to ensure a contiguous public open space is created above the parking structures.
.5 If sub-areas E & F are subdivided into two lots then the maximum gross floor area is 2,250 m2 per lot. If sub-areas E & F remains as one lot then the maximum gross floor area is 4,500 m2.
.6 The maximum gross floor area in sub-areas H is 6,000 m2.
.7 The maximum gross floor area for retail use in sub-areas I is 235 m2.
Map 15.6 - CD22 Central Green Sub-Areas
Map 15.6 - CD22 Sub-Areas
Zoning Bylaw - Map 15.6 - CD22 sub-areas map