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Development Summary Report                             

The annual Development Summary Report provides a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

File Application Date Development locations Proposal
DP22-0229 2022-12-02
1210 Pacific Ave
1164 Pacific Ave
A Development Permit for the form and character of apartment housing. (OCP 2040)
Z22-0076 2022-11-30
3500 Hilltown Dr
Rezoning Application from A2 – Agricultural/Rural Residential to A2c – Agricultural/Rural Residential with Carriage House
Z22-0075 2022-11-30
979 Coronation Ave
983 Coronation Ave
A Rezoning application from MF1 – Infill Housing to MF2 – Townhouse Housing to facilitate a 9-unit townhouse development.
S22-0072 2022-11-30
2362 Abbott St
Road Widening for Active Transport
DP22-0228 2022-11-30
979 Coronation Ave
983 Coronation Ave
A Development Permit application for the form and character of a 9-unit townhouse development.
DP22-0227 2022-11-29
503 Trumpeter Rd
Hazardous condition development permit to allow lot grading.
S22-0071 2022-11-25
921-923 Lawson Ave
Proposed Subdivision from 1 lot to 2 lots to facilitate a proposed 4plex and Duplex
DP22-0224 2022-11-25
929 McCurdy Rd
880 Dalton Rd
A Development Permit for the form and character of a factory built site office to replace the previous temporary office.
S21-0014-01 2022-11-24
1653 Highland Dr N
2 lot subdivision
S22-0070 2022-11-23
466-470 Hawk Hill Dr
Subdivision of lot 22 into 2 lots