Development variance permits

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is an approval from Council to vary the regulations(s) of the Zoning Bylaw, the Subdivision Development and Servicing Bylaw, or the Sign Bylaw for non-conforming development approvals.  If your project does not conform to a Bylaw, a variance is required. Staff are diligent in consideration of variances, and will consider each application on an individual and site specific basis. Staff will then make a recommendation of support or non-support to Council for consideration. Take time to review the bylaws and communicate with a planner prior to applying for a variance.

As part of the development variance permitting process, a sign will be posted on your property detailing the nature of the variance, and your neighbours will be informed and given an opportunity to comment.

A Development Variance Permit can not vary the land use or density. If approved by Council, a Development Variance Permit is registered on title and will expire after 2 years if the development has not commenced.

Application Packages

To apply, complete one of the following application packages:

Complete applications can be submitted with the appropriate application fee to the Application Centre on the 2nd floor at City Hall.

Development Application Fee Bylaw