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Kelowna's beautiful natural setting and stewardship of the environment are priorities for our citizens. Our development permit process helps sustain the ecological needs of the environment while supporting the social needs of the community.

There are two types of Environmental Development Permits:

  • Natural Environment - focuses on the protection of environmentally significant water and land-based features such as the lakeshore, creeks, wetlands, and rare habitats.
  • Hillside (Hazardous Conditions) - ensures areas that could be at risk for dangerous conditions such as flooding, rock fall, erosion, land slip, and wildfire are adequately reviewed.

If a property is located in a designated Natural Environment Development Permit area, a development permit is required before any activity that alters the land including grading, soil deposit, tree removal, or construction.

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Submitting an application

As each Environmental Development Permit application is unique, please contact the Community Planning Department to set up a pre-application meeting. A Planner will help you determine the requirements for applying for a development permit, as well as explain the process.

To contact a Planner, please call 250-469-8626 or email us at planninginfo@kelowna.ca.