Carriage houses

A carriage house is a smaller house located on a subject property that can be used for guests, family, or as a rental. It is restricted in size and height relative to the principal dwelling, and it can not be subdivided or stratified.

Learn more about a Secondary Suite (a secondary unit permitted within a Single Family Dwelling).


Check to see if your house is zoned for a carriage house. To find the current zoning of your property, refer to the online mapping system and turn on the map layer for zoning. 

Online mapping system

A carriage house is only permitted on urban area properties that are zoned:

  • RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing; or
  • RU1c – Large Lot Housing with Carriage House
  • RU2c – Medium Lot Housing with Carriage House;

A carriage house is only permitted on rural area properties that are zoned:

  • RR1c - Rural Residential 1 with Carriage House;
  • RR2c - Rural Residential 2 with Carriage House;
  • RR3c – Rural Residential 3 with Carriage House;

Carriage houses are not permitted outside the Permanent Growth Boundary and are not permitted on land that is within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Additionally, you must have access to sewer or your property must be at least 1 ha in size to meet the safety requirements of the Okanagan Water Basin Board.

If you are not currently in an area zoned for a Carriage House, you may be able to rezone your property. "Rezoning" is the process to change from one zoning designation to another.  A rezoning application is required when a development proposal seeks to change a zoning designation, land use, or density of a site.  Learn more about the rezoning process.

Please note, in addition to a single family dwelling, a subject property may either have one secondary suite or one carriage house, but not both.

Carriage House Bulletin

Carriage House & Two Dwelling Housing (RU6 Zone)

A carriage house is an additional dwelling unit located within a detached accessory building. It is restricted in size and height relative to the principal dwelling. A carriage house is considered a secondary use on a property.

Two Dwelling Housing is a property that contains two principal dwelling units. To be eligible for a second principal dwelling unit, you must be zoned RU6 - Two Dwelling Housing or RU7 - Infill Housing, and also meet the minimum width and lot area. If your lot does not meet the minimum, you will be restricted to a carriage house.

The difference between a second dwelling and a carriage house is the size of the regulated floor area, siting, required development regulations and Development Cost Charges (DCCs).  For a carriage house, the floor area and the height of the building are limited. In comparison, site coverage and the building set backs are often the limiting regulations for a second principal dwelling. Two dwelling housing is permitted to be strata-titled; however, a carriage house is not.

The process to apply for a carriage house may involve a Rezoning Application, a potential Development Variance Permit, and finally a Building Permit.

Building permit

Pre-application questions:

Contact a planner by phone 250-469-8626 or email us at

Building permit inquiries:

Contact the Application Centre by phone 250-469-8960.