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New permit application

Fill out this web form to submit your sign permit application. After completing the instructions on each page, click “Next Page” at the bottom to navigate to the next section. You can click “Previous Page” if you need to access an earlier page. When you reach the last page and have uploaded your documents, click “Submit” to finish your application. Building permit payments are now online. We will contact you after submission with instructions for paying permit fees.

Download the following forms and gather the applicable documents from the list below. For more information, please review the Sign Permit Bulletin to ensure you meet the requirements, prior to submitting your application.

  • Building Permit Application Form
  • Owner's Authorization Form (All property owners on title must sign this form)
  • Sign Indemnification Agreement (if applicable)
  • A dimensioned site plan showing:
    • The location of the building and the tenancy on the property,
    • The location of the proposed sign.
    • A north arrow, all property lines, labeled streets, parking spaces.
  • Free-standing sign applications must also include the location of the proposed sign in relation to all existing free-standing signs, the property lines and driveways. On a corner lot the sign shall not be located in the line of vision triangle. This triangle is determined by measuring 8m along the property line of each street and drawing an intersecting line between the two 8m points
  • Dimensioned elevation drawings showing:
    • Location of the proposed sign, grade, floor lines, roof membrane, parapet wall, all windows and doors in the tenancy.
    • Height and width of the tenancy space
    • Distance from grade to the underside of the proposed sign.
  • A drawing showing the exact dimensions, colour, size or lettering, wording and graphics on the proposed sign.
  • A partial section taken at the method of attachment, grade, floor lines, roof membrane, parapet wall, the planes of the walls, the projection of the sign, the curb etc.
  • Other possible requirements
    • A professional engineer registered in B.C. shall prepare and seal the structural design of:
      • The foundation, columns and frames of free-standing signs and awnings, canopies and projecting signs over public property
      • Any other signs where City Staff are especially concerned with the structural integrity of the sign

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