Zoning Bylaw No. 12375

Section 15.5 - CD20 - University

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Last Updated: 
January 22, 2024
Zoning Bylaw - Section 15.5 CD 20 - University chapter image
Section 15.5 CD20 - University
15.5.1 Zone Purpose
Section 15.5.1 Zone Purpose
CD20 - UniversityThe purpose of this zone is to allow the full range of academic, research and miscellaneous supporting land-uses essential to a leading-edge university program and campus.
15.5.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
Section 15.5.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
CD20 - Universityn/an/a
15.5.4 CD20 Subdivision Regulations
Section 15.5.4 CD20 Subdivision Regulations
m = metres / m2 = square metres
Min. Lot Width18.0 m
Min. Lot Area660 m2
Min. Lot Depth30.0 m
15.5.5 CD20 Development Regulations
Section 15.5.5 CD20 Development Regulations
m = metres
Max. FAR1.5 FAR
Max. Height10 storeys and 45 m
Max. Site Coverage of all Buildings40%
Max. Site Coverage of all Buildings, Structures, and Impermeable Surfaces60%
Min. Setbacks6.0 m from all external campus borders, except 0.0 m setback shall be permitted on internal campus lot lines.