Pre-application Meetings


The primary objective of the pre-application meeting is to have a formal process for applicants to present their development proposal to Development Planning Staff and obtain feedback prior to making a formal application. While highly encouraged, it is a voluntary process. Information provided to applicants does not offer a commitment or decision by City staff to support or not-support a proposal. 

What to expect

Pre-application meetings are intended for applications that are near formal submission, and would like to obtain more formal feedback from the City. Typically, pre-application meetings will involve review of a prepared set of drawings including a preliminary site plan, floor plans, and elevations. In addition to Development Planning, other departments such as Development Engineering will be circulated and in attendance when necessary.

The pre-application meeting is a venue to:

  • Flag Zoning Bylaw issues like variances or interpretations;
  • Form and Character comments from the 2040 Official Community Plan Design Guidelines;
  • Information sharing for items like preliminary engineering comments, road dedications, linear corridors, policies applicable to the submission, additional reports or information required such as a pre-development tree inventory; and
  • Any additional pertinent information.

For a meeting request please contact or 250-469-8626

  1. Meeting is requested by applicant
  2. Meeting is scheduled into biweekly timeslot
  3. Pre-application meeting is held
  4. Meeting summary provided to applicant within 1 week
  5. Official application submission
Application Types & Fees

Application Types

Major Pre-Application:

  • Major Development Permit/Rezoning Applications
    • Multi-Family (5 or more units)
    • Commercial buildings
    • Industrial (over 4500 m2 GFA or bordering residential)
  • OCP Amendment Application
  • Text Amendment Application

Minor Pre-Application:

  • Minor Development Permit/Rezoning Application
    • Infill Housing (four or less units)
    • Industrial (less than 4500 m2 GFA)
  • Development Variance Permit Application
  • Major Agricultural Land Reserve Application (ex. Non-Farm Use Application)
  • Heritage Alteration Permit

Fees (2024)

  • Major Pre-Application Fee: $415.00
  • Minor Pre-Application Fee: $250.00