Tenant improvement permit application

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New permit application

Fill out this web form to submit your tenant improvement/commercial renovation application. Please note, a separate
application is required for each building After completing the instructions on each page, click “Next Page” at the
bottom to navigate to the next section. You can click “Previous Page” if you need to access an earlier page. When
you reach the last page and have uploaded your documents, click “Submit” to finish your application. Building permit
payments are now online. We will contact you after submission with instructions for paying permit fees.

Download the following forms and gather the applicable documents from the list below. For more information, please
review the Tenant improvement
and Mezzanine Bulletin to ensure you meet the
requirements, prior to submitting your application.

  • Building Permit
    Application Form
  • Owner's Authorization Form (All
    property owners on title must sign this form)
  • Owner's Acknowledgement
  • A dimensioned key plan showing the location of the proposed improvements on your property including:
    • The location of the building on the property,
    • The other buildings on the property,
    • Identify the use of each adjacent tenant space.
    • Identify the location of the tenant space in the building.
  • Scaled architectural drawings (if scaled plans are greater than 11x17, hard copies are required). Provide
    all proposed construction including:
    • All new beam sizes and lengths, door and window openings with sizes, should be clearly marked,
    • Floor plan of mezzanines (if applicable),
    • Overall dimensions for all floors,
    • Use of all rooms,
    • Interior dimensions of all rooms,
    • Walls separating this tenant space from adjacent tenant space,
    • Washroom and washroom fixture,
    • Existing and new partition walls,
    • Construction of all walls (stud size, spacing, and thickness of interior finish (Fire Separations and Fire
      Walls); including the wall finish material for new and existing walls. Doors, hallways and stairs. Including
      size and direction of door swing.
    • Travel distance from all floor areas to an exit door or an exit stair.
    • Occupant load, number of washrooms required for male, female, and handicap accessible (if applicable).
  • Other possible requirements:
    • Engineered sealed Mechanical (HVAC) drawings complete with Schedules B, D and confirmation of insurance.
    • Engineered sealed Structural Drawings complete with Schedules B, D and confirmation of insurance are
      required from an engineered for all BCBC Part 4 structural components used in the new alteration (i.e.
      Mezzanines, new beams, concrete block lintels, load bearing changes, over height demising walls).
    • Plumbing drawings are required when there are any changes to the plumbing systems and when constructing new
      dentist/doctor’s office, restaurants, drycleaners and hairdressers. These drawings should indicate the
      number of fixture units, the size of all piping and venting, connections to existing services and
      specifications on fixtures. Engineer sealed Plumbing Drawings complete with Schedules B, D and confirmation
      of insurance may be required based on the complexity and size of the project.
    • Interior Health Authority approval is required prior to final inspection where food services or
      public pools or hot tubs are present. It is suggested you obtain approval prior to building permit

Need help? Contact us at developmentservicesinfo@kelowna.ca or 250-469-8960.

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