Zoning Bylaw No. 12375

Section 15.2 - CD12 - Airport

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Last Updated: 
May 8, 2023
Zoning Bylaw - Section 15.2 - Airport CD-12 Zone chapter image header
Section 15.2 CD12 - Airport
15.2.1 Zone Purpose
Section 15.2.1 Zone Purpose
CD12 – AirportThe purpose is to provide a zone for the orderly operation of an airport and the development of properties surrounding the airport.
15.2.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
Section 15.2.2 Sub-Zone Purposes
CD12 – Airportn/an/a
15.2.3 CD12 Permitted Land Uses
Section 15.2.3 CD12 Permitted Land Uses
Uses('P' = Principal Use, 'S' = Secondary Use, '-' = Not Permitted)
Accessory Buildings or StructuresS
Agriculture, UrbanS
Aircraft sales/rentalsP
Animal Clinics, MinorP
Automotive & EquipmentP
Bulk Fuel DepotP
Child Care Centre, MajorS
Commercial StorageP
Education ServicesP
Exhibition and Convention FacilitiesP
Fleet ServicesP
Food Primary EstablishmentS .1
Gas BarsP
(The gas bar is only permitted if an alternative fuel infrastructure is also available on the same lot)
General Industrial UseP
Hotels / MotelsP
Liquor Primary EstablishmentS .1
Non-Accessory ParkingP
Outdoor StorageP
Professional ServicesP
RetailP .2
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.2.3):
.1 Liquor primary establishments must hold a Liquor Primary Licence.
.2 Retail liquor stores shall not have a gross floor area of greater than 186 m2.
15.2.4 CD12 Subdivision Regulations
Section 15.2.4 CD12 Subdivision Regulations
m = metres / m2 = square metres
Min. Lot Width30.0 m
Min. Lot Area1,000 m2
Min. Lot Depth30.0 m
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.2.4):
15.2.5 CD12 Development Regulations
Section 15.2.5 CD12 Development Regulations
m = metres
Max. FAR0.65 .1
Max. Height(a) The maximum height for all uses is subject to federal and provincial regulations for airports
(b) There is no zoning maximum height limit for airport uses
(c) The maximum height for non-airport uses is the lesser of 9.0 m or 2 storeys, except that it may be increased to the less of 12.0 m or 3 storeys where the maximum site coverage including driveways and parking areas does not exceed 50%.
Max. Site Coverage of all Buildings60% .1
Max. Site Coverage of all Buildings, Structures, and Impermeable Surfaces85% .1
Min. Front Yard & Flanking Side Yard for all Buildings3.0 m
Min. Side Yard setback for all Buildings4.5 m
Min. Rear Yard setback for all Buildings3.0 m
FOOTNOTES (Section 15.2.5):
.1 For airport uses the maximum floor area ratio, site coverage, and impermeable surfaces does not apply.
15.2.6 Site Specific Regulations

Section 15.2.6 – Site Specific Regulations
Uses and regulations apply on a site-specific basis as follows:

 Legal DescriptionCivic AddressRegulation
1.Lot 1 District Lot 120 ODYD Plan EPP655936320 Lapointe DriveTo permit Automotive and Equipment, Industrial as a principal use in addition to those land uses permitted in Section 15.2.3.