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All development proposals begin with an application. Whether you are interested in adding on to your home, building a carriage house, changing zoning or redeveloping a commercial property, please review the two applications below to get started.

  • Residential Development Permits
    • Includes proposals in a heritage conservation area, a natural environment area, a development permit area, or on agricultural land. It also includes Development Variance Permits.
  • Comprehensive Development Permits
    • Includes proposals for multi-unit residential (3+ units), commercial, and industrial developments in a development permit area.                                                    

2016 Development Summary Report

The Annual Development Summary Report is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of development in Kelowna. The report provides a summary of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional development, as measured by building permit issuances.

2016 was a year characterized by growth in both commercial and residential development, but relatively low activity in institutional and industrial development. A detailed analysis of development in 2016 can be seen in the 2016 Development Summary Report.

2018 Development Summary Report

Coming Soon!

  • Urban Design Development Permits
    • Ensures development plans fit within the established form and character of the neighbourhood.
  • Natural Environment & Hillside Development Permits
    • Protects environmental assets and hillsides ensuring long term protection of steep slopes, streams, creeks, and Okanagan Lake.
  • Farm Development Permits
    • Protects farm land and neighbouring properties.
  • Development Variance Permits
    • If your project does not conform with all bylaws, a Development Variance can be applied for and presented to Council to seek approval.
  • Rezonings & OCP Amendments
    • To change the Future Land Use Designation or to change the zoning on a subject property to allow for a different use.
  • Subdivision
    • For dividing land into smaller parcels, adjusting an existing property line, or consolidating two or more properties into one parcel of land.
  • Agricultural
    • Requests to build on agricultural land (including accessory buildings, farm buildings, pools, and dwellings).
  • Heritage
    • When applying for construction or development in the heritage conservation area or on a heritage building.


The time required to process a development application depends on the complexity of the proposal. Incomplete applications or applications that are missing information will cause delays. Relatively simple applications that do not require City Council consideration can be processed at a staff level on a shorter timeline. More complex applications that are forwarded to City Council for consideration will take longer to process and involve regulations set out by the Local Government Act.

Speaking to your neighbours early and often is important when you are proposing a new development. They may have ideas or ways to offer their support, or they may share concerns with you that could be easily addressed.

Come to the application centre at the 2nd floor of City Hall to have your questions answered by one of our Planning Technicians. Or, give us a call or send an email to set up a pre-application meeting with a Planner for more complex files. 250-469-8626 or