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When parking within the City of Kelowna, it is important to be cautious of fire hydrants, posted signage, neighbouring driveways, laneways, fire lanes and other access points. Parking too close to driveways and posted signage can cause visibility issues for other drivers and residences.

What you need to know: 

  • Parking is NOT permitted in the following:
    • Within 3 metres of a driveway
    • Within 5 metres of a fire hydrant
    • Within 6 metres of a crosswalk and stop sign.

NOTE: These measurements are minimum and may be further measured if additional parking restrictions are posted via signage.

  • Do not park in any way that blocks a sidewalk
  • Do not park on roadway for over 24 hours
  • Where a “do not park” sign is posted, stopping, even temporarily, has the same meaning
  • Parking on a boulevard is prohibited. All off-street parking must be within the property boundary accessible via driveway (do not park on front lawn of property)
  • Vehicles parked on a roadway must display license plates
  • Trailers parked on road must be attached to a vehicle displaying license plates and parked for no longer than 24 hours on the roadway.
  • Commercial vehicles over 5600kg GVW are not permitted in residential areas whether on roadway or private driveway; must be parked at a designated commercial parking lot
  • Vehicles in cul-de-sacs must park parallel to the roadway. “nose-in” or angle parking is not permitted as this negatively impacts the following:
    • Emergency vehicles turn around
    • Garbage collection
    • Another driver’s visibility
    • Neighbouring Driveway access
  • Parking must be parallel to the curb/pavement edge, unless otherwise posted via signage
  • Parking in private parking lots such as condos, apartments, townhouses, or commercial units is managed by the strata or property management company. Please report these infractions to the strata council or business. 

For further parking regulations on City property, please review the Parking FAQ page which includes details with diagrams for most violations.

How to report: 

To report a parking violation from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., please call: 250-469-8686

To report an emergency after hours traffic violation (blocked driveway), please call RCMP non-emergency line: 250-762-3300

To report an issue or concern in your neighbourhood regarding parking permits, please call: 250-469-8400

Please note: 

  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers do not have the authority to tow or action a traffic violation occurring on private property.
  • Parking Services manages time restricted zones city wide, and residential parking permits: 250-469-8400
  • Kelowna Parking manages parkade parking, special event parking, City of Kelowna parking lots and all on-street pay parking: 250-862-8585

Need more information:

Parking Services
1435 Water St

Kelowna Parking
1360 Ellis St, #102

Reference Bylaw: 
Traffic Bylaw No 8120

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