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Addressing crime and safety is one of Council’s priorities, and one of the actions to advance this priority is the establishment of a safety task force with community stakeholder representatives. The Mayor’s Task Force on Crime Reduction will provide recommendations to Council on community-driven initiatives to reduce crime in Kelowna.

The Task Force will: 

  • Review relevant existing programs and services locally and in other relevant jurisdictions; 
  • Listen to the community and identify positive actions underway, gaps, challenges and issues; 
  • Report back to Council with a summary of what was learned through the community review process; and 
  • Develop actionable recommendations related to crime and sense of safety in our community, drawing from the experiences of the members of the task force. 

The Task Force has  13 members  that represent relevant expertise and sector representation. The Mayor will serve as the Chair. The Task Force will be in place for a 12-month term, with the ability to extend, and provide quarterly updates to Council.

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