We offer a variety of grant opportunities each year focusing on areas such as arts and culture, social development and park and neighbourhood improvement initiatives. Explore the programs below to learn more.

2021-2022 Commitment to Community Impact Report

We aim to foster the development of a strong and resilient community. Check out the 2021-2022 Commitment to Community Impact Report to see how we invest in the non-profit sectors that serve the sport, event, arts, culture, heritage and social interests of Kelowna residents.

View the report

New online grant platform

We’re launching our new online grant platform on SurveyMonkey Apply. Some programs are currently available on our platform and others are on their way!


Online platform support 

We know these transitions can be challenging. We’ve ensured there are plenty of resources available to support you in navigating our new online system. 

SurveyMonkey Apply FAQs

SurveyMonkey Apply has a detailed FAQ & Troubleshooting website page with information on how to use the software. Some of the popular categories are listed below along with a summary of the information they cover. Click on a category title to go directly to that SurveyMonkey Apply FAQ & Troubleshooting section.

General account FAQ 

  • Register as an applicant
  • Setting up my organization
  • Reset or change my password
  • Changing notification sections

Managing your organization 

  • Adding people to assist with the application
  • Joining an existing organization
  • Registration errors
  • Editing the organization profile

Completing an application 

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Getting additional support 

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Program staff contacts

We want to make sure that you’re successful in using our new grant portal. If you’re having difficulty navigating the site and can’t find the answer to your question on SurveyMonkey Apply's FAQ & Troubleshooting website page, please reach out to your program staff directly.

Art, culture and heritage
Festival and event
Organization development
Social development
Strong neighbourhoods
Grant programs
2024 One-Time Property Tax Grant Program

Council has approved the criteria for the 2024 one-time property tax grant program. Properties that qualify will have an amount credited to their property tax accounts. The deadline to apply is July 2, 2024.

For more information on this funding program, please visit the 2024 Property Tax webpage.

Adaptability and sustainability grant program

This program guides participating organizations through a consultant-led planning process and provides a one-time grant of $5,000 towards the development and implementation of an organization Sustainability Plan. 

The Adaptability and Sustainability Program is more than a financial contribution to the organization. It provides an opportunity to assess current levels of adaptability, learn a framework to explore adaptability, identify actions to foster adaptability and to re-assess to determine the impact of those actions.

Upon development of the plan, funding can be used towards:

  • operational expenses (overhead, facilities, equipment or staff)
  • expenses related to a shift in future direction

For more information, review the program guidelines.

Important dates related to the application process:

  • April 24: Information session. Register here 
  • April 24: Application period opens.  Apply online here
  • May 15: Application Deadline 
  • June 5: Program Start Date

2021 Grant Recipients:

  • Across the Lake Swim Society  
  • Ballet Kelowna  
  • Central Okanagan Heritage Society  
  • Central Okanagan Wrestling Association  
  • Centre Culturel Francophone de l’Okanagan  
  • Chamber Music Kelowna Society 
  • Kelowna Community Music School  
  • Kelowna Curling Club 
  • Kelowna Skating Club  
  • Kelowna Speed Skating Club  
  • Kelowna Visual Performing Arts Centre Society  
  • New Vintage Theatre Society  
  • Okanagan Artists Alternative Association  
  • Okanagan Athletics Club  
  • Okanagan Gymnastics Centre Society 
  • Okanagan Mainline Football Society 
  • Okanagan Mission Hall Association  
Arts & culture

We offer five categories of arts & culture grants:

  • General operating grants
  • Project grants
  • Organization development grants
  • Community art grants
  • Professional operating grants

For more information on Arts & Culture grants, guidelines and how to apply, visit our Cultural grants page

Community Social Development

Grants are available to registered non-profit, Kelowna-based organizations that make an impact on the social well-being and resiliency of the community. The purpose of the Community Social Development Grant is to make funding available to organizations offering services or programs with the goal of generating, promoting or accelerating socially beneficial services or programs in Kelowna. The application deadline is 3:30 p.m. on the last Friday of February.

For a copy of the application form, guidelines and applicable policies, please visit the Central Okanagan Foundation grants information page.

2023 grant recipients

BrainTrust Canada Association$10,000
Bridges to New Life$5,300
Central Okanagan Community Food Bank$18,000
Childhood Connections$17,500
Community Recreational Initiatives Society$15,000
Elevation Outdoors Experiential Society$7,500
Freedom’s Door$19,000
Hands in Service$8,000
Helping Out People Exploited (HOPE) Outreach $10,000
John Howard Society of the Okanagan & Kootenay$12,500
Karis Support Society$10,000
KCR Community Resources Society$15,000
Kelowna & Area Cycling Coalition$2,750
OCCA Communities Association$5,000
Okanagan Fruit Tree Project$19,000
Project Literacy$5,000
SHARE Society$9,000

For more information contact Abbie Norrish, Manager, Grants & Community Initiatives at 250-861-6160 or


Emergency grants may be available to assist registered non-profit organizations offering social programs in Kelowna experiencing a financial crisis. Grants provide short-term bridging funding only and will depend on the availability of funds in the Social Development Grant Reserve. Grants will not exceed $5,000.

For more information contact Cheryl Miller, Director, Grants & Community Initiatives at the Central Okanagan Foundation at 250-861-6160 or

Event hosting

Kelowna has a long history of hosting a variety of events and supporting their continued growth, success and sustainability. Our Event Hosting Program was established in recognition of the benefits that events bring to the community and the associated costs to organizers in hosting.

The intent of the Event Hosting Program is to recognize and support events that reflect Kelowna’s principles and values, and enrich the community. This program will contribute to an event’s health and sustainability so it can remain an integral part of our vibrant community. The Event Hosting Program is application-based and consists of three categories, each having their own set of objectives and criteria.

Contact staff to discuss eligibility for this program or to obtain more information.

Sarah Semeniuk
Event Services Coordinator

Brad Duquette
Sport Development Coordinator


The Heritage Grants Program, administered by the Central Okanagan Heritage Society, is designed to promote conservation of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural heritage buildings by assisting owners with grants for a portion of the costs incurred in conservation work. The program is limited to exterior work.

Eligible work may include reroofing, window and door conservation, siding and porch conservation, work on foundation and repainting. Approximately $35,000 is available for distribution annually, with buildings with a Heritage Designation eligible for a maximum of $12,500 per three-year period and buildings listed on the Kelowna Heritage Register eligible for a maximum of $7,500 per three-year period.

Any owner with a property listed on the Kelowna Heritage Register is eligible to apply for this program. Interested applicants should visit the Central Okanagan Heritage Society's website for more information.

Major events

Kelowna is an ideal destination for hosting major, significant events due to its location, setting, amenities, international airport and other factors. Events bring a unique opportunity for the public to share and enjoy special experiences, resulting in significant community development and economic spinoffs that otherwise wouldn’t be realized.

The intent of the Major Events Program is to foster event development and assist in the procurement of new large-scale participant-based or spectator events through components such as identification, bid/hosting fees, creation of bid packages and leverage to obtain additional funding.

Contact staff to discuss eligibility for this program or to obtain more information.

Chris Babcock                                                                        
Event Development Supervisor                                   


Organization development

This program aims to assist non‐profit sport, event, social service and cultural organizations for the purpose of undertaking activities or initiatives that develop the organization’s capacity and sustainability.

Applicants will be asked to use our online platform to complete a screening tool to determine project eligibility. An application form will be provided for projects determined to be eligible.

Contact staff to discuss eligibility for this program or to obtain more information.

Cultural Organizations:                                                     
Christine McWillis                                                                

Sport and Event Organizations:
Doug Nicholas

​Social Service Organizations:
Stephanie Martin

Partners in Parks

The Partners in Parks program is an initiative intended to strengthen neighbourhoods through partnerships with community groups that want to refresh and enhance local parks throughout Kelowna.

The maximum Partners in Parks grant per project is $10,000. Approved projects should:

  • Foster a shared sense of park stewardship within the community
  • Leverage community groups’ resources, interests and passion
  • Increase community pride and involvement of residents in parks

Visit our Partners in Parks page to learn more.

Permissive property tax exemptions

Property tax exemptions are available for qualifying registered non-profit Kelowna based organizations using property for municipal recreation, religious, cultural or charitable purposes.

Rental housing

The intent of the Housing Opportunities Reserve Fund is to encourage the development of affordable housing. The fund relies on taxation, land sales, revenues and other resources. The money is used to acquire lands suited to development opportunities that would include affordable housing.  

There are also grants available to encourage the construction of rental housing units. Funds are distributed based on the number of dwellings that qualify. 

Learn more about the grants and applications under the Rental Housing Grant on our Developer incentives page.

Sport & event

We offer six categories of sport & event grants. Categories include:

  • Community Sport Delivery Grant
  • Sport Education Grant
  • Event Hosting Program
  • Major Events Program
  • Athletic Excellence Grant
  • Organizational Development Grant

Visit our Sports & event grants page for more information.

Strong Neighbourhood

The purpose of the Strong Neighbourhood grants are to provide the opportunity for neighbours to build relationships, gain a greater sense of neighbourhood pride and provide resources to address each neighbourhood's unique interests and needs – which, in turn, enhances the quality of life for Kelowna residents. There are two grants available: Neighbourhood Grant and Youth Development and Engagement Grant.