Firefighter Recruitment 2023

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Firefighter Recruitment 2023

Posting has been extended

Due to the unprecedented wildfire situation our Firefighter Eligibility list posting has been extended and will now close on October 1st, 2023. Please review the documents below with updated timelines.

The goal of the Kelowna Fire Department is to continue providing prompt, professional, effective fire protection and public safety services to all residents and visitors to Kelowna; including fire suppression and rescue services; fire prevention; fire safety inspections; fire training; first medical responses; hazardous material response; specialty rescue; pre-incident planning; dispatch and emergency management. 

Recruitment and hiring of career firefighters is handled through an eligibility list selected after a rigorous recruitment process. These candidates are placed in positions that become available for a specific period.

There are also opportunities to serve as a paid-on-call (volunteer) firefighter with the Kelowna Fire Department. For more information on the paid-on-call program, visit the Fire Department’s Career & volunteer firefighters' page.

Firefighter Recruitment 2023

We are looking for a number of responsible and dedicated Firefighters to combat, extinguish and prevent fires including search and rescue and administering first aid.  We need to fill firefighter positions from an eligibility list commencing as early as spring of 2024.

We believe that our city and our workplace benefits from diversity. We encourage all qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply for our firefighter vacancies. Bring your unique experiences and distinct skills and abilities to our organization and help build Kelowna as a city of the future.

There are a number of phases to the recruitment process, starting with submission of an Online Application to our posting on the National Testing Network firefighter job site for the Kelowna Fire Department job posting.  Applicants will schedule their exam first and from there, you will add the Kelowna Fire Department job and pay the exam fee of $55usd.  Then you will create an account and check out.  Once you have created your account, you are then able to upload the required documents to the portal. 

Applicants will then complete the firefighter written testing portion and a pre-recorded video interview directly through National Testing Network. Applicants wishing to be considered for our recruitment must have their application, written testing and video interview completed by October 1, 2023.



Please check back on this website between September 2023 and February 2024 to obtain updates as we progress through the recruitment campaign.