In the City of Kelowna, fireworks are prohibited except at special events with a Fireworks Permit. Only licensed and trained individuals can apply for a permit which requires adherence to extremely strict conditions and at the discretion of the Fire Chief or designate.

What you need to know: 

  • The use of fireworks and firecrackers are illegal in the City of Kelowna unless you are licensed with the Government of Canada as a Fireworks supervisor and/or Pyrotechnician and are at a sanctioned event.
  • The Fire and Life Safety Bylaw prohibits the sale, possession, and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers within the City’s borders.
  • The bylaw is enforced by Kelowna Fire Department, RCMP and Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Residents caught with fireworks will be subject to fines and their firework materials confiscated.
  • Residents need to be made aware that they may come across fireworks for sale nearby, but they must not be used within the City of Kelowna boundary.

For more information about obtaining a Fireworks Permit, contact the Fire Prevention Officer at the Kelowna Fire Department at 250-469-8761 or email

How to report: 

  • To report the use of fireworks, call Fire Dispatch at 250-469-8577 or email
  • To report the sale of fireworks, contact Bylaw Services 250-469-8686 or report online:

For more information:

Kelowna Fire Department
T: 250-469-8801

Reference Bylaw:
Fire and Life Safety Bylaw No. 10760

Other resources and quick links: