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Property owners can control fire and life safety hazards by ensuring their unoccupied homes, properties, and/or buildings are secured on a continual basis. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that their properties do not pose fire and life safety risks as well as maintaining the property in accordance with the British Columbia Fire Code and the Fire and Life Safety Bylaw.

What you need to know:

Utilities: Disconnect all at the street

  • Turn off water at the street, drain the system to its lowest point.
  • Contact BC Hydro to disconnect electricity.
  • Shut off Gas
  • Contact the City’s Utility Department (250-469-8502) for information on disconnecting city utilities.

Remove fire hazards

  • The accumulation of combustibles or vegetation, which creates a fire hazard, is not permitted in or around a premise.

Secure unoccupied buildings to prevent entry/trespassing

  • Secure the premises against unauthorized entry within 24 hours of becoming vacant.
  • Lock all intact windows and doors and consider putting up a fence around the property line.
  • Be aware of broken glass and broken-down doors where entry could be made.
  • Please contact the Kelowna RCMP through the non-emergency line (250-762-3300) if unauthorized entry has occurred.
  • Please contact the City of Kelowna Bylaw Services (250-469-8686) if the property has been entered/breached but currently unoccupied.


  • Check on the property often to ensure all security measures are in place
  • Ensure grass and other vegetation is kept trimmed and the boulevard kept clear.
  • Ensure sidewalks are kept clear of all debris and snow/ice.
  • Re-secure as needed within 24 hours of identified breach.
  • Keep yard free of rubbish accumulation and within the standards of the Good Neighbour Bylaw.

How to report: 

To report abandoned or vacant property problems, (non-trespass concerns) please call: 250-469-8686 or 250-469-8761

Need more information: 

Bylaw Services

Utilities Department
(for all City utility disconnections)

Reference Bylaw(s): 
Fire and Life Safety Bylaw No 10760
Good Neighbour Bylaw No 11500