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Our visual identity represents the personality of our organization - how our values, philosophy and corporate culture are brought to life each day in the work we do to serve citizens.

Download our Visual Identity Guidelines to learn more about our logo, its use, our City brand and sub-brands. To request our logo for use, please complete our online logo request form.

City of Kelowna LogoAbout our logo - A dynamic symbol

We foster active living which maintains, respects and enhances our natural environment. The vibrant colours in our logo represent the sun above Okanagan Lake, the connectedness of our community and the passion of our people.

Key logo components

  • Kelowna’s natural environment and history inspired by several natural and historic features that are true to Kelowna: the Ponderosa Pine Cone, the Kelowna Sun Flower and traditional Interior Salish baskets.
  • The circle represents inclusion and has been used by many cultures throughout the world.
  • The colours were chosen based on the consultation process as well as the meaning behind these particular colours. The logo contains the green of our natural spaces and the blues of Lake Okanagan. These colours represent our commitment to be stewards of the environment. The blue symbolizes loyalty and empathy and the green, harmony and balance. While the red and yellows in the logo represent the Okanagan sun, yellow also speaks to our optimism and willingness to welcome change and growth. Red reflects the energy, passion and the desire that staff have to be the best mid-sized city.