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Council committees are created under the Community Charter and provide an opportunity for members of the public to work collaboratively and provide advice on matters referred to them by Council through their Terms of Reference. 

Members of the public interested in joining the Accessibility Advisory Committee or Civic and Community Awards Steering Committee may complete the application form to be considered when there is a vacancy.  Vacancies are advertised through traditional and social media, with most vacancies occurring at the beginning of the Council term. Membership to other committees is appointed in accordance with their Terms of Reference and the Community Charter.

Click on a committee name below to learn more and view information on upcoming and previous meetings.

Regular Committees 

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee: assist the City of Kelowna in identifying and advise the City on how to remove and prevent barriers to people in Kelowna. 
  • Airport Advisory Committee: reviews, reports and advises Council on matters concerning the long-term development of the Kelowna International Airport.
  • Audit Committeemembers are appointed by the Mayor to review the City’s financial statements prior to their submission to City Council and provide oversight to the collective bargaining and management exempt policy processes.
  • Board of Variancean independent body that hears appeals for relaxation of zoning regulations, extension of non-conforming uses, relaxation of servicing requirements, reconstruction of non-conforming uses and relaxation of tree protection requirements.
  • Civic and Community Awards Steering Committee: an advisory committee that oversees our annual awards program to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in our city.
  • Parcel Tax Roll Review Panelestablished pursuant to s. 204 of the  Community Charter.  It was formerly known as the Court of Revision. The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel must meet before a parcel tax is imposed for the first time.

Special Committees