Parking management strategy

Parking rules, regulations and rates are part of a city-wide Parking Management Strategy, endorsed by Council in Jan. 2014 and guided be a set of parking management principles. The strategy makes sure our parking system:

  • Improves availability of short-term parking spaces, 
  • Continues to pay for itself so that general taxation is not impacted, 
  • Offers customer service options for better customer interaction, and
  • Provides a balanced transportation network for residents.

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Parking area plans

Next steps include development of individual area parking plans.

  • South Pandosy Area Plan (completed in 2014)
  • The short-term, on-street portion of the Hospital Area Plan has been implemented
  • Downtown Area Parking Plan (expected by 2019)
    • An open house was held on Oct. 24, 2017. View the presentation materials.              
    • More than 3,000 people completed an online survey in fall 2017. Read the engagement summary.
    • On Dec. 11, 2017, Council directed staff to research, evaluate and bring back to Council for consideration potential options for enhancements and improvements to the parking system. Read the Council report.
    • Input from the open house, survey and Council was used to draft an updated area plan and recommendations for improving downtown parking.
    • A public survey was held in fall 2018. Results will help refine the draft parking recommendations.
    • The draft Downtown Area Parking Plan, and public feedback on the parking recommendations, will be brought forward for Council consideration in early 2019.
  • Other areas of the City will follow, as required and pending budget approval.

Area plans will allow the City to respond to a number of issues and concerns related to parking, including:

  • Changes to parking supply,
  • Growing demand for short and long term parking, and
  • Impacts of increased development and activity on neighbouring residential areas

For historical documents and Council reports related to Parking Management, a reference library is available.