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Lobbyist Registry

Kelowna's Lobbyist Registry Policy came into effect on September 11, 2023. It promotes transparency and accountability in Council decision-making by documenting and making lobbying activities viewable to the public. 

Do I need to register?

Individuals and organizations who communicate with Council members for the purpose of influencing a Council decision are required to register with the City. Communicating include emails, phone or video calls, or meetings with members of Council. 

Correspondence submitted for a public hearing, Tuesday meeting, or sent to all of Council through Mayor & Council correspondence is not considered lobbying. Other exemptions are listed in the Policy

Anyone engaging in lobbying activities is required to register within 5 days of the initial communication with a Council member.

How do I register?

Lobbyists are asked to submit their name, contact information, organization name (if applicable), initial date of lobbying, and the topic(s) of lobbying. Additional details may be required, such as an address for a development application. 

Register as a Lobbyist

How do I view the Registry?

You can view and search the Registry online. It is updated daily on regular business days with new registrations. 

View the Lobbyist Registry