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The Partners in Parks program is an initiative intended to strengthen neighbourhoods through partnerships with community groups that want to refresh and enhance local parks throughout the City of Kelowna.

When a community works together to care for its parks, people tend to take responsibility and show a higher level of respect, care, protection and preservation for their green spaces.

How does the program work?

The maximum Partners in Parks grant per project is $10,000. Approved projects should:

  • Foster a shared sense of park stewardship within the community;
  • Leverage community groups’ resources, interests and passion; and,
  • Increase community pride and involvement of residents in parks.

In addition, projects should provide volunteer opportunities for community members; engage volunteers in project development, implementation and maintenance; build leadership within the community; include clear plans for maintenance and sustainability; and, make positive improvements to the park.

Partnerships can take on many forms. Activities can include planting, weeding, removing litter and invasive plants, and spreading mulch. The possibilities are unlimited!

To be approved, project applicants must demonstrate substantial partnership contributions to the City.  These could include volunteer labour and services, donated materials, and/or cash. 

What else do I need to know?

Partnership projects should be completed within one year from when it is approved. The program is not intended to fund ongoing multi-year projects. Park

All Partners in Parks projects must occur on designated City of Kelowna parkland. Work on private property does not qualify for this grant program. 

Applicants may be required to purchase Commercial General Liability insurance if there is considered to be a risk to the liability of the applicants as well as to the City of Kelowna. 

Applicants may apply to the City at any time throughout the year, however priority is based on first-come first-serve basis as the funding of the overall program is limited to $50,000 annually.  Applicants are encouraged to speak directly with City staff before applying.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the forms below and submit to

Partners In Parks Application Form
Partners In Parks Budget Form


Parks Planner, Infrastructure Planning