Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation Bylaw

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Adopted Date: 
January 11, 2010
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The Soil Deposit bylaw sets out the regulations for removing and/or depositing soil on land within the City as well as rock blasting activities. Property owners must obtain a permit before removing or depositing soil in excess of 50 cubic metres per year. A permit is not required for moving smaller amounts of soil. The average dump truck can haul 8-12 cubic meters of soil. The bylaw also includes specific permit exemptions, permit conditions, security deposit requirements and details required for a permit application. Valid nursery operations, golf courses, road and utility corridor maintenance, and other soil deposit/removal activities that are addressed through another current development process (e.g. development permit, subdivision, or building permit) may be exempt from needing a permit. The Development Application Fees Bylaw, as amended from time to time, lists the current permit fee required. Permit applications made after soil removal or deposit activities have already commenced will be charged an application fee levied at twice the current year's application fee.