Inside the City budget

Kelowna City Council has set a provisional overall taxation increase of 4.43 per cent for 2019, following a Dec. 13 all-day budget deliberation meeting. This includes a 2.48 per cent general municipal tax rate increase for 2019 and the approval of a 1.95 per cent infrastructure levy as one of the ways to address the City’s capital deficit. The final budget and tax rate increase will be presented to Council in late April 2019.

Combined, the 4.43 per cent increase will mean an $88 increase on a City of Kelowna property tax bill, based on an average home assessed at $682,260.

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This year’s budget highlights the City’s adoption of the Imagine Kelowna vision into the work we do by delivering on a number of the principles’ goals: embracing diverse transportation options, creating great public spaces that bring people together, being resilient in the face of climate change, and building healthy neighbourhoods that support a variety of households.

2019 Budget highlights include:

  • Investments in downtown safety and cleanliness
  • Bolstering first-responder resources with 16 new frontline personnel
  • Allocating funding for land acquisition specifically for affordable housing partnership opportunities as a new approach towards the housing pressures faced by the community
  • Delivering on balanced transportation networks with the construction of both the Ethel and Sutherland Avenues Active Transportation Corridors, and the accelerated delivery of South Perimeter Road and Gordon Drive extensions
  • Renewing and expanding parkland and waterfront access including City Park, Knox Mountain’s Paul’s Tomb Trail, Glenmore Recreation Park and interim access at the Hobson Road park property
  • Investments in storm drainage improvements to mitigate impacts of flooding and climate change

Every year presents its own budget challenges and difficult decisions and the City’s annual budget aims for a balance between setting a reasonable tax rate and delivering services expected by residents and businesses.

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Kelowna is one of the most fiscally responsible mid-sized cities in Canada, raising approximately two-thirds of revenues from sources other than taxation. In our 2018 Citizen Survey, we heard that 79 per cent of residents say they receive very/fairly good value for their municipal tax dollars, and 87 per cent continue to say they are satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by the City.

The City of Kelowna has been awarded the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 17 years in a row. The award program was established to encourage and assist local governments to prepare budget documents of the very highest quality.