Sign Bylaw

Bylaw No.: 
Adopted Date: 
August 27, 2018
Community Planning
Planning, Building & Development

The Sign Bylaw sets the rules and regulations for both public and private property
within City limits. It governs where signs may be placed, the size, number, type and
appearance of the signs permitted and prohibits certain types of signs. The Bylaw
also outlines when a permit is required for a sign and the information required on the
permit application.
This bylaw is a 'consolidated' version and includes amendments up to the date listed in
the bylaw heading. It is placed on the Internet for convenience only, is not the official
or legal version, and should not be used in place of certified copies which can be
obtained through the Office of the City Clerk at City Hall. Plans, pictures, other
graphics or text in the legal version may be missing or altered in this electronic version.