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New permit application

Fill out this web form to submit your mobile home placement application. Please note, a separate application is required for each building. After completing the instructions on each page, click “Next Page” at the bottom to navigate to the next section. You can click “Previous Page” if you need to access an earlier page. When you reach the last page and have uploaded your documents, click “Submit” to finish your application. Building permit payments are now online. We will contact you after submission with instructions for paying permit fees.

Download the following forms and gather the applicable documents from the list below.

  • Building Permit Application Form
  • Owner's Authorization Form (All property owners on title must sign this form)
  • Owner's Acknowledgement Form
  • State of Title, current within last 30 days, including copies of all covenants, easements and right-of-ways
  • Manufactures specifications with registration compliance
  • Detailed drawings regarding stairs, decks and skirting
  • Detailed site plans showing the placement of the mobile
  • Detailed cross-sections for sloped lot, if applicable
  • Water letter from irrigation district, if applicable
  • Septic approval, if applicable
  • Developers approval, if applicable

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