Arts, culture & heritage grants

The City of Kelowna offers four categories of Arts, Culture & Heritage grants. Categories include:

  • General operating grants
  • Project grants
  • Organization development grants
  • Community art grants

For more information on Arts, Culture & Heritage grants, the guidelines and application, visit the Cultural Grants webpage. 

Athletic and sport grants

We recognize the need for financial aid to support the competition, education and event hosting needs of our locally-based sport community. In response, the following community sport grants have been established: Sport Education Grant, Sport Event Grant, Athletic Excellence Grant and KidSport Grant.  Visit sports grants for more information.

Community social development grants

Grants are available to registered non-profit Kelowna based organizations offering primary prevention programs to reduce the incidence of social breakdown. Programs must be orientated towards groups, preventative in nature and not funded by a senior government. The application deadline is 3:30 p.m. on the last Friday of February.

For more information contact Cheryl Miller, Director, Grants & Community Initiatives at the Central Okanagan Foundation at 250 861-6160 or

Emergency grants

Emergency grants may be available to registered non-profit organizations offering social programs in Kelowna, for the purpose of assisting the organizations through a financial crisis. Any monies granted will be short-term bridging funding only and will depend on the availability of funds in the Social Development Grant Reserve. Grants will not exceed $5,000.

For more information contact Cheryl Miller, Director, Grants & Community Initiatives at the Central Okanagan Foundation at 250-861-6160 or

Event Development Fund

The purpose of the Event Development Fund is to foster a dynamic event landscape in Kelowna by supporting new and existing events that add to the festive environment. To address this goal, two grant streams were created: the Strategic Events Fund and the City Services Offset Grant.

Heritage Grants Program

The Heritage Grants Program provides grants to heritage building owners for a portion of the expenses incurred in restoration work related to the exterior of their buildings. 

Permissive property tax exemptions

Property tax exemptions are available for qualifying registered non-profit Kelowna based organizations using property for municipal recreation, religious, cultural or charitable purposes.

Rental housing grants

The intent of the Housing Opportunities Reserve Fund is to encourage the development of affordable housing. The Fund relies on taxation, land sales, revenues and other resources. The money is used to acquire lands suited to development opportunities that would include affordable housing.  

There are also grants available to encourage the construction of rental housing units. Funds are distributed based on the number of dwellings that qualify. 

Learn more about the grants and applications under the Rental Housing Grant on the Developer incentives page.

Strong neighbourhood grants

The purpose of the Strong Neighbourhood Grants are to provide the opportunity for neighbours to build relationships, gain a greater sense of neighbourhood pride, and provide resources to address each neighbourhood's unique interests and needs which in turn, enhances the quality of life for Kelowna residents. There are two grants available: the Neighbourhood Grant and the Youth Development and Engagement Grant.