Development fees & cost charges

Development Fees and Development Cost Charges are an important aspect of development within the City. They help to offset costs of processing applications, aquiring new parks, and improving infrastructure.

What is a DCC?

Development Cost Charges (DCC) are monies collected from land developers by a municipality to offset some of the infrastructure expenditures incurred in servicing new developments and maintaining existing infrastructure.

The monies collected are used to finance capital projects related to new roads, drainage, sewers, water mains and aquiring parks. Development Cost Charges are imposed by Bylaw pursuant to the Local Government Act. Anytime a proposed development increases density, a DCC is estimated and charged. This includes creating new square footage on a commercial or industrial project, adding new dwellings, or creating new subdivided lots.

Development Cost Charge Bylaw

What are the current DCC Rates?

The DCC rates are set through Bylaw that must be approved by Council. They can change every few years to reflect the future needs of the City. 

Current DCC Rates

How does the Official Community Plan relate to DCC's?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a long range planning document that helps to guide and shape the future of the City. It helps to outline which infrastructure project such as roads, parks, and wastewater are needed. Learn more here.

What are application fees?

Development application fees are required with any development application and are used to offset the cost of processing applications, advertising for public meetings, and legal and administrative fees.

Development Application Fee Bylaw

What are developer incentives?

We also offer developer incentives to promote specific types of development. This includes urban centre incentives and housing incentives.

Developer incentives list