Zoning Bylaw No. 12375

Section 12 - Mobile Home and Camping Zones

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Last Updated: 
May 8, 2023
Zoning Bylaw - Section 12 - Mobile Homes and Camping Zones chapter header
Section 12 - Mobile Home and Camping Zones
12.1 Zone Purposes
Section 12.1 Zone Purposes
MH1 – Mobile Home and CampingThe purpose is to provide a zone for mobile homes on individual mobile homes spaces in a mobile home park setting and for campsites.
12.2 Permitted Land Uses
Section 12.2 Permitted Land Uses
('P' = Principal Use, 'S' = Secondary Use, '-' = Not Permitted)
Accessory Buildings or StructuresS
Agriculture, UrbanS
Child Care Centre, MinorS
Home-Based Business, MinorS
Mobile Home ParkP .1
OfficesS .2
FOOTNOTES (Section 12.2):
.1 Mobile homes and modular homes are permitted dwelling units within a mobile home park.
.2 Offices are limited to one office for the management and operation of the mobile home park.
12.3 Subdivision Regulations
Section 12.3 Subdivision Regulations
m2 = square metres
Min. Site Area20,000 m2
12.4 Development Regulations
Section 12.4 Development Regulations
m = metres / m2 = square metres
Max. Density20 mobile home dwelling units / hectare
Max. Height7.6 m & 1 storey
Min. Site Front Yard Setback6.0 m
Min. Site Side Yard Setback4.5 m
Min. Site Rear Yard Setback6.0 m
Min. Mobile Home Space Area325.0 m2
Min. Mobile Home Space Width12.0 m
Min. Mobile Home Space Depth25.0 m
Min. Mobile Home Space Setback from RoadwayNo mobile home shall be located closer than 3.0 m to the back curb of an internal roadway or parking area
Min. Mobile Home Space Side Yard Setback1.5 m to the edge of the mobile home space