Civil 3D Template

Access a copy of our City of Kelowna Civil 3D Template, along with our pipe catalog, ctb file and layer naming convention

Civil 3D Template

This City of Kelowna.DWT template file is for GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY.  It is provided as a general guideline and template for providing an as-built drawing to the City. Use of this file does not supersede any professional standards or requirements. 

The use of this file and the aspects therein does not supersede or replace any requirements of the City of Kelowna Corporate Policy Manual, Policy Number 265, Policy Number 265 may contain additional requirements not reflected in this .DWT file. 

It is the sole responsibility of the OWNER/DEVELOPER/CONSULTANT/OTHER submitting drawings to the City to comply with professional standards and the requirements of Policy Number 265.

The City of Kelowna does not guarantee its accuracy or correctness of this City of Kelowna.DWT file or the aspects therein.  The City of Kelowna WILL NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT OR DIRECTION FOR THE USE OF THIS .DWT FILE. The City of Kelowna accepts no liability for use of this City of Kelowna.DWT file.