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The Approved Products List (APL) Committee reviews all products that formally request their product be added to the APL through the Product review application process. The Committee ensures that they meet the purpose of the APL prior to acceptance.  Only products that obtain the Committee’s approval are included in the APL. Previously approved products are also subject to review periodically to ensure they continue to meet the objective of the APL.   

The Committee consists of City Staff from a variety of divisions and departments to ensure a multidiscipline review and approval process. Products will be reviewed by the Committee on a semi-annual basis, or as deemed necessary. Any infrastructure that will become City-owned and maintained must use products listed on the APL.   

Approved Products List – Administrative Policy 

Approved Products List 

The purpose of the Approved Products List (APL) is to ensure high quality and long-lasting City infrastructure that supports service delivery. To meet this objective, the APL identifies infrastructure products that are acceptable for installation in the City’s infrastructure systems. The APL is maintained following the City’s Approved Product List Program. 

Approved Products List
Current: April 2024

Request Product Review 

Any supplier requesting a product be added to the APL must complete and submit a Product Review Request Form. All necessary specifications, references and certificates of compliance must be included with the request. 

Product Review Request Form