Property tax and assessment tools

Purchase a Property Tax Certificate

Tax certificates are available to purchase through Access Point Information Canada (APIC). Visit the APIC website to log on, set up an account and purchase a tax certificate for any tax folio. 

Our free,online property tax and assessment search can be a useful tool for generic property tax information. 

Property Account

Register and access your property tax account through your Property Account by using your access code and folio number from your property tax notice. Review a sample property tax bill for the location of the access code and folio number. 

Enroll in Pre-Authorized Withdrawals (PAWs) and prepay next year's taxes

If all outstanding property taxes have been paid in full, you can enrol in our PAWs plan to prepay next year's taxes. You will need your property tax folio number to apply. 

Property tax estimator

To estimate your municipal taxes, enter the property assessment values from your BC Assessment Notice in the boxes below.
Please note: This estimated calculation applies only to residential properties (Class 01) for the tax year. 

If you have questions about the estimator, or other property tax matters, please contact the Revenue Branch at 250-469-8757 or email
Enter the assessed value of your properties:

Prior year assessed value:
Current year assessed value: