Mill Creek Flood Plain Bylaw

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Bylaw No.: 
Adopted Date: 
August 9, 2010
Community Planning at 250-469-8626
Land use

This bylaw regulates development of land and building construction that is subject to flooding by Mill Creek.


Historically, the Provincial Ministry of Environment (MOE) actively participated in the floodplain development decisions and standards. However, MOE has recently dissolved its role in this capacity and this responsibility now rests with local government to keep its communities safe

Future development and redevelopment

We have invested in the review and implementation of the Floodplain Bylaw to protect future development and redevelopment in the Mill Creek floodplain area by establishing Flood Construction Levels (FCL). A FCL is the elevation of the lowest habitable floor of a building under construction. The FCL sets the minimum level whereby protection of a property may be reasonably assured in the event of a major flood event. 

These construction measures establish greater certainty when estimating building construction costs in the short term, and will provide for long term financial stability due to decreased property damage when disaster strikes. The bylaw will responsibly address ‘duty of care’ to its citizens regarding floodplain hazard management. 

Affected flood plain areas

To view the boundary and flood control levels, use the interactive map below, or see maps in the document centre below.

Lake to Kirschner Roads
Kirschner to Cary Roads
Fenwick to Penno Roads
Cary to Fenwick Roads
Penno Road to University Way
University Way to Old Vernon Road

Interactive flood plain map