Outdoor event guidelines

When planning your event, please ensure the following conditions are implemented:

  • Dogs are permitted on walkways only in city parks.
  • Any vehicle in the parks must be driven in a safe and appropriate manner. If a vehicle has to be moved during an event, there should be a minimum of two guides to avoid pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.
  • Staking/ground penetration is NOT permitted in any city park (with the exception of North Field in City Park)
  • Concrete brick or other surfaces are not to be marked with paint, chalk or other substances.
  • Liquor service must meet City/RCMP/BC LCLB requirements
  • Site plans must be submitted with your application for approval. A site walk may be required to finalize details prior to your event; this may include a load in/out schedule.
  •  City of Kelowna does not provide waste removal services for events. All garbage/recyclables generated by the event must be removed from the event site or charges will apply.
  • The City of Kelowna can provide waste containers which must be returned to the original drop off location, emptied of all contents otherwise charges will apply.
  • Operating Entertainment Permit is a requirement under the BC Safety Act and Electrical Safety Regulations, therefore a permit is required for events on City property that uses electrical power (utility or generator). Contact BC Safety Authority to obtain more information on electrical permit requirements 250-861-7313.
  • All inflatable play structures at public events are required to have a valid operating permit and operators must be registered with BC Safety Authority & obtain a valid operating permit. If an inflatable is on site for your event, it is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure the play structure has been permitted and has the proper insurance.
  • The sale of any goods or products will require a special event business license.

  • According to WCB regulations, when there are 2 or more employers working during the setup and/or takedown of an event, a prime contractor agreement may be entered with the event organizer. The event organizer then becomes ‘prime contractor’ and assumes responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all workers (sub contractors, sub-sub contractors, employees, etc.) on the event site during setup and/or takedown.

Events with food services/vendors:

  • Various city parks have operating lease agreements in place with food/activity concessions on site. These agreements give leasees the right to operate during events without closure. Restrictions may be placed on events with respect to number of dedicated event vendors on site so not to impact these leased operators.
  • All mobile food vendors need to have Kelowna Fire Department approval before attending your event.
  • All food service that is being served by the event and not an approved vendor, needs to have a food service permit from Interior Health Authority.

Events using roadways:

  • Organizer is responsible for submitting a detailed traffic management plan addressing Ministry of Transportation requirements and City’s Traffic Control Policy for Events.
  • Impacted residents/businesses & churches must be notified in writing at least one week prior to event.
  • Traffic impact signage can only be erected/posted on City Roadways with the approval of the City and must adhere to sign placement regulations.
  • Barricades must be manned at all times. Course marshals must be a minimum 16 years of age and are required to wear safety vests.
  • Six metre emergency access lane must be maintained at all times during a road closure.