Mobile food vendors

The following is a list of local requirements for all mobile food vendors who wish to operate in Kelowna. Vendors who are non-compliant with the following requirements will not be permitted to continue operation and are subject to the requirements of the Fire and Life Safety Bylaw, 10760. Vendors are subject to an annual inspection from the Kelowna Fire Department. Upon completion of the annual inspection, an inspection decal will be provided.

For special events approved by the Outdoor Events Committee, Fire Inspections must be conducted a minimum of 3 hours prior to operation. All vendors are subject to routine inspections from the Kelowna Fire Department.

Mobile food vendor requirements

  1. The mobile vendor must have a valid City of Kelowna Business License or be a vendor at an event approved by the City of Kelowna Outdoor Events Committee.
  2. The mobile vendor must be approved by the Technical Safety BC and ensure that all decals are visible.
  3. All tents being in conjunction with the mobile vending must conform to NFPA 705 requirements. The tent must have a visible tag stating that it complies with this requirement.
  4. Cooking and/or grilling shall not be conducted under tents. All cooking appliance must be at least 1 meter away from tent. Cooking is not permitted under tents.
  5. Cooking appliances must be a minimum of 3 meters from any building.
  6. A guard/barrier, not less than 1 meter high, must be provided to act as a barrier between the public and cooking appliances. This would not apply if the cooking appliances are located within an enclosed trailer.
  7. All deep fryers must be approved commercial appliances. Residential grade deep fryers will not be accepted.
  8. Minimum of one 2A10BC rated extinguisher shall be provided and shall be mounted in an acceptable location.
  9. A type K fire extinguisher must be provided for all deep frying and/or hot oil cooking.
  10. Fire extinguishers must be up to date. The extinguishers are required to be inspected annually by an approved agency. The cylinder must be pressurized and the safety pin must be in secured in place.
  11. Enclosed cooking units, creating grease laden vapours, require a kitchen canopy and suppression system conforming to NFPA 96.
  12. Enclosed cooking units with a kitchen canopy require a fixed suppression system to be installed within the unit. The fixed suppression system shall be serviced bi-annually by an approved technician.
  13. Kitchen canopy has been cleaned from filter to fan in conformance with NFPA 96 requirements.
  14. All spare propane bottles must be secured 3 meters from any cooking appliances or open flame.
  15. All propane connections must be soap tested to ensure there are no leaks in conformance with BC Gas Code requirements.
  16. Wood burning appliances are prohibited within the City of Kelowna.
  17. All mobile vendors with trailers must provide wheel chocks to prevent trailer movement.
  18. A current inspection decal from the Kelowna Fire Department must be displayed in a visible location.