Active by Nature

Say go. We dare you.

We are active. We are drop dead gorgeous. And we want you to get out and explore our awesome natural playground, because our everyday lives are better than most people's vacations.

Check out the Active by Nature overview video below, and also watch our seasonal outdoor adventure video series: WinterSpringSummer, Fall.

The Active by Nature map

Use our interactive map as your kick-start to enjoy the epic outdoor adventures that Kelowna has waiting for you. We have highlighted some of our best and most stunning routes and trails for you to explore while biking, running, walking, swimming, paddling, strolling, rolling, or whatever it is you like to do outside.

Interactive Map
Check out this season's featured routes highlighted on the map.

Kelowna's Paddle Trail

Follow the 28 kilometre trail from any of the 22 buoys located between McKinley Beach and Bertram Creek Park and explore Kelowna's waterfront from a stunning new perspective. 

trail maP BROCHURE online map

Knox Mountain - Interactive Challenges

Knox Your Sox Off! and the Knox Challenge - two new interactive and fun ways to enjoy your hike up Knox Mountain Park along the Apex Trail. You just need your phone (GPS on), water and some good shoes.

Knox Your Sox Off! is a fun and fact-filled quest where you hike up Knox along the Apex Trail at your own pace. With your phone as your guide, you'll learn about the history of Knox Mountain Park, its natural plant and wildlife and much more. Take the kids and see where the trail takes you... you might just see something that Knox Your Sox Off!

Knox Challenge is a timed quest. Whether you're a seasoned “Knox-er” or new to the Apex Trail, give it a try! Your phone (GPS on) acts as your stopwatch. Start at the bottom of the Apex Trail, follow the sign markers as you make your way up and the challenge is on. It's a steep hike to the top of the 2.4 km trail, so get your heart rate up and then enjoy the stunning view at the top. Track your time, challenge your friends, track how many times - there are lots of ways to have fun with the Knox Challenge!

How to get started:

  1. Download the 'QuestUpon' app (available for iPhone and Android).
  2. Select your quest.
  3. Start your adventure!