Buskers program

The buskers program allows professional and amateur performers to perform at designated "Busk Stops" located throughout the Cultural District, along Kelowna's lakefront walkways, shopping areas and pedestrian areas. Explore all available Busk Stops in the map below.


How does the program work?

Buskers can perform at designated Busk Stops (signage on-site) from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., seven days a week. Buskers do not require a permit but must adhere to the full program guidelines (below).

Entertainment may include musicians, mimes, comedians, jugglers, magicians or puppeteers.

Full program guidelines

The purpose of the following guidelines is to allow for safe and equitable opportunities for all performers while respecting neighbouring businesses and public spaces. Please note that failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension of performing privileges. 

To partake in the buskers program, buskers must:

  1. Demonstrate a reasonable degree of proficiency. The City of Kelowna reserves the right to determine the right of proficiency and suspend performing privileges if complaints regarding a busker are received and/or if the busker is unable to consistently maintain the necessary standard.
  2. Have a neat and clean appearance.
  3. Be entertaining in their own right and include, but are not limited to musicians, dancers, jugglers, magicians and circle shows. This does not include face painters, portrait artists, painters, crafters, or any other person who provides a service or produces a product.
  4. Be over the age of 16. Any underage busker must have a responsible adult accompanying them at all times while performing.
  5. Conduct themselves in a safe, professional, and cooperative manner and abide by the Busker Guidelines in order to perform in Kelowna.  Undesirable conduct or failure to uphold Busker Guidelines will lead to temporary or permanent suspension of performing privileges. Such suspension to be determined at the discretion of the City.
  6. Ensure that they are legally permitted to perform in Canada and obtain all permits, clearances, licenses and performance rights to material presented.
  7. Abide by the City of Kelowna's Good Neighbour Bylaw.
  8. Fully cooperate with their fellow Buskers, merchants and City staff and not interfere with, obstruct or inconvenience the performances of another busker.
  9. Acknowledge that the safety and enjoyment of the public is of paramount concern and must always ensure their performance does not directly or indirectly compromise the safety and enjoyment of residents, businesses, or visitors.
  10. Ensure free and safe access for pedestrians along any pathway or thoroughfares near the performance location. Performers must ensure that they do not block business doorways during business hours, bus stops, fire escapes, etc.
  11. Keep the location clean, ensure that use of the location does not pose a threat to public safety and that the site is left in the condition found prior to use.
  12. Not charge a fee for performances. Buskers may receive donations, but aggressive or persistent solicitation is not permitted.
  13. Not sell of distribute products or merchandise.
  14. Not advertise, endorse or promote products or sponsors. Signs, banners or displays that are not integral to the performance are not permitted. The City reserves the right to remove any sign, banner or display that obstructs or interferes with pedestrian or traffic circulation, interferes with normal business activity or obstructs views of other signs.
  15. Not act or represent themselves as agents or employees of the City.
  16. Only perform at designated locations. Only non-amplified, unobtrusive performances are permitted.  The City reserves the right to restrict the locations and times available.  The City will provide reasonable advance notification of closures whenever possible.
  17. Operate at reasonable sound levels. Sound must not be above background levels; passers-by should not have to strain their voice to be heard above the sound. Sound levels from a busking performance shall at no time disrupt businesses including retail and dining establishments, affect workplace performance or detract from public appeal. The City reserves the right to halt performances that restrict or disrupt the normal business activity, safety or enjoyment of the environment for merchants, customers and visitors.
  18. Not use profane or vulgar language or acts which are not consistent with family oriented entertainment.
  19. Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the performance and also must not consume any alcohol or drugs during performances. Smoking/vaping during performances is also not permitted.
  20. Agree to indemnify and save harmless the City from all costs, loss, sustained, caused by, or arising out of the buskers' performance or behaviour.