Water Smart

Our Water Smart program is all about empowering our residents to make positive water use choices.
How do we do this? We provide information and links to assist with water use choices; indoor and outdoor; and we place a significant emphasis on reducing residential landscape water use. 

Have a question about your irrigation controller? Contact the Water Smart team at watersmart@kelowna.ca or 250 469-8502.

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Water Smart

The Water Smart program helps to ensure landscape water use is as efficient as possible. Free Water Smart Irrigation Assessments are available to City of Kelowna water customers. These assessments assist residents in understanding water use and improving irrigation systems.

The City of Kelowna Water Smart program also processes the Landscape Water Conservation Reports; required to be completed by City of Kelowna water customers for any new or renovated irrigated landscaped areas of 100 square meters or more. Not sure who your water provider is?  Find your water provider here.

The reports ensure that new and renovated irrigated landscapes have a water budget and landscape treatments that can be irrigated within that water budget.  The Landscape Water Conservation Report is a requirement for City of Kelowna water utility customers under Bylaw 10480 and the processing of the reports is complimentary. Those serviced by any of the other water providers in Kelowna are also welcome to complete and submit an application as they will be processed.  

Assistance is available if needed by contacting the Water Smart team at watersmart@kelowna.ca or 250 469-8502.

Landscape Water Conservation Report

What can you do to be Water Smart and conserve water?

Outdoor Water Conservation
Indoor Water Conservation

Peak demand

Peak demand is when water use is at its highest. Peak demand generally occurs at the end of July and the beginning of August. The water distribution system has to be sized to meet this demand even though it occurs for only a few weeks in the summer. 

We introduced water meters in 1996 and a user-pay water rate in 1998. All customers pay incrementally higher water rates depending on how much they use. Since 2003, the per capita consumption of water in a single-family household has dropped 20%.

Okanagan Water Basin Board

We are part of the Okanagan Water Basin Board - a joint community venture to help encourage Okanagan Valley residents to be water smart. As our valley can be a dry one, it is important to protect and conserve the water we have.

Become Waterwise

Make Water Work

Did you know the Okanagan has one of the highest rates of water use per person in Canada? Approximately 24% of water used in the Okanagan is used on our household lawns and gardens. Even a small change can make a huge impact, take the pledge to Make Water Work.