Water smart

Our Water smart program is focused on empowering our residents to make positive water use choices. How do we do this? We provide information and links to help residents make positive water use choices; indoor and outdoor.

The Water Smart program places particular emphasis on ensuring our landscape water use is as efficient as possible. FREE Water Smart Irrigation Assessments are available to City Water Utility customers. These assessments assist residents in understanding water use and improving irrigation systems.

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Irrigation and landscaping

A year-round watering schedule is in place for the city of Kelowna. That means that all residents must adhere to Stage 1 residential water use restrictions during the irrigation season unless we move beyond Stage 1 to more stringent restrictions.

Visit the water restrictions page to learn what your watering day is.

Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers

The City of Kelowna is now a WaterSense partner and offers a locally focused training program called Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper certification (QWEL). 

The City of Kelowna has an endorsed list of certified QWEL contractors, that are committed to incorporating water efficient irrigation designs and using landscape material that is suited for our climate. 

Requirements for new and renovated landscapes

For City of Kelowna water customers installing new or renovated irrigated landscape areas of 100 square meters or more, a Landscape Water Conservation Report is required. There are two ways to complete the report, a fillable excel spreadsheet or an on-line tool. Learn more here. If you have any questions or need assistance contact Kelowna Water Smart

Water Smart rebate programs

The City of Kelowna Water Utility is offering substantial rebates to a select number of single family dwellings and strata complexes who are City Water Utility customers. The rebates will assist those who qualify with the costs of updating irrigated landscape areas to make them more water use efficient.

With year round irrigation restrictions in-place and water rates increasing, making water smart landscape choices can save property owner’s costs and help the City reduce water use.  The City recognizes that costs associated with updating irrigation systems can be a barrier when making these choices and the Irrigated Landscape Rebate program will help customers make water smart landscape choices and optimize water use.




Water Smart tools and information
Year-round watering restrictions

Year-round, assigned day water conservation measures help to reduce peaks in water use, reducing the high demands on our water delivery system at any given time. This allows the system to keep up with the demands for clean drinking water, irrigation and commercial use, while also being able to store water for future use (i.e., in case of local fires), not to mention helping to preserve our natural water resources. 

Watering Restrictions: More Info

Irrigation controllers

Irrigation controllers operate automatic irrigation systems with components such as lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Most controllers have settings allowing you to control the frequency of irrigation, the start time and the duration of watering. Irrigation controllers can help ensure you're not over watering and help make sure you're watering on your correct watering days. Check the rebates category to see if a Controller Rebate is active.

Have a question about your irrigation controller? Contact the Water Smart team at watersmart@kelowna.ca or 250 469-8502.

Peak demand

Peak demand is when water use is at its highest. Peak demand generally occurs at the end of July and the beginning of August. The water distribution system has to be sized to meet this demand even though it occurs for only a few weeks in the summer. Reducing our peak demand means water savings and cost savings for all customers.

Water Meters

The City of Kelowna Water Utility introduced water meters in 1996 and a user-pay water rate in 1998. All customers pay incrementally higher water rates depending on how much they use. Since 2003, the per capita consumption of water in a single-family household has dropped 20 per cent.

Make water work

Did you know the Okanagan has one of the highest rates of water use per person in Canada? Approximately 24 per cent of water used in the Okanagan is used on our household lawns and gardens. Even a small change can make a huge impact, take the pledge to Make Water Work.


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