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Report a non-emergency crime

Policing services for the City of Kelowna are provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and guided by the 2024-2026 RCMP Strategic Plan. The RCMP have proudly served Canadian communities for more than 130 years, establishing a reputation as one of the most respected police forces in the world. Check out the Kelowna RCMP webpage for more information.

Survey says Kelowna residents feel safe

Here are some key findings from a 2022 safety survey of Kelowna residents:

2022 Community Safety Survey stats

Learn more about the survey

We commissioned Leger to conduct a telephone survey of residents in Kelowna in early 2022. The objectives of the survey were to:

  • Determine Kelowna residents' perceptions of their own neighbourhoods
  • Assess Kelowna residents' perceptions of crime and feelings of safety in regions and citywide
  • Assess changes in perceived levels of property crime within the last 12 months
  • Determine which crime-related problems cause worry
  • Assess the role that crime/ potential crime and victimization plays in residents' daily lives
  • Determine the prevalence of criminal victimization of residents and the extent to which crimes are reported to the police


Investment in safety

We take crime prevention seriously, investing one quarter of tax dollars in police services and fostering a great reporting relationship with the RCMP. 

The 2024-2026 RCMP Strategic Plan guides RCMP efforts and includes the following high-level objectives:  

  • Be PRESENT in neighbourhoods and districts to deter crime and improve road safety;
  • TARGET recurring property theft;
  • PROMOTE the right providers for mental health and addictions care and housing needs;
  • EMPOWER policing professionals to advance prevention and response;
  • DRIVE RESULTS through teamwork and initiative.