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We make GlenGrow from plant materials like lawn trimmings and prunings that have been dropped off at the Glenmore and Westbank landfills by Central Okanagan residents. The plant material is processed to remove any metal or plastic, and then chipped. GlenGrow can be used as a top dressing or to directly improve the soil. Your flower and veggie gardens, lawns and shrubs will thrive with GlenGrow.  

GlenGrow compost enhances the physical structure of your soil, improves its drought resistance and helps it utilize water more effectively. It can also help your soil reach and maintain its ideal pH: the measure of a soil’s acidity (sourness) or alkalinity (sweetness) on a scale of one to 14. A neutral pH level of around seven helps most plants grow successfully.

GlenGrow is now OMRI listed and suitable for growers with certified organic farms. 

You can buy GlenGrow at the Glenmore Landfill in retail or wholesale amounts.

Contact our team for more information about our GlenGrow compost.

GlenGrow purchasing information

Where to buy & availability

You can purchase GlenGrow at the Glenmore Landfill in retail amounts (seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and wholesale amounts (Monday to Friday: 8-10 a.m., 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1-3 p.m.).

Retail prices

$30.00 plus applicable taxes per cubic yard
$4.29 plus applicable taxes per bag

Wholesale prices 

Amounts above 3 yards to 7 yards purchased in a single sale - $25.00 per cubic yard
Amounts over 7 yards purchased in a single sale - $8.00 per cubic yard

Pricing Schedule
Glenmore Glengrow

Yards Purchased

$/yd *

.5 yard to 3 yards


Over 3 yards to 7 yards


More than 7 yards


* The minimum residential purchase is half a yard.  The minimum purchase for wholesale is five yards. All yards must be picked up at time of purchase. Prices are subject to applicable taxes. For account inquiries call (250) 469-8880.


How GlenGrow is made

Compost has always been produced by nature, but at the Glenmore Landfill we speed things up by controlling the process of decomposition to make our superior GlenGrow product.  

The yard waste piles at the Glenmore Landfill have a natural balance of "green" and "brown" material so that the carbon-nitrogen ratio stays ideally around 30-to-one. Water is added to bring the moisture level in the piles up to 65 per cent – perfect for composting. The storage piles, called windrows, are turned regularly to make sure there is always a supply of oxygen for the microbes that are hard at work.  

We take the temperatures of the piles regularly to make sure that decomposition is taking place on schedule. When the piles are ready, they are screened to remove any chunks of wood larger than a half inch.  

Once the GlenGrow is screened to the proper size, it’s ready to be sold. 

Commercial uses for GlenGrow


Professional landscapers value GlenGrow because it contributes to nutrient-rich soil and is available in bulk quantities for any project. GlenGrow improves soil structure, porosity and density, creating a better plant root environment. The compost increases the water intake levels and permeability of heavy soils, which reduces erosion and runoff. 

Food producers

If you grow food products in the Okanagan, you can rely on the quality of GlenGrow. Our product is tested, affordable and available in bulk quantities. Compost use is beneficial to the soil and the environment in your orchard. The organic matter can act as a nutrient buffer and improve the soil structure for a year or two after application. A 1-cm layer of Glengrow can be applied every 3-years.


GlenGrow is widely recognized across the Central Okanagan as a natural and healthy way to condition garden soil, top dress lawns and protect the surface layer of soil. Available for bulk purchase, GlenGrow can be added as soil conditioner in potting mixes or soil blends. As a compost in nursery applications, GlenGrow is of a consistent quality. The compost is stable and low in salts, which means it can be used in nursery potting mixes. Compost can be a substitute for peat moss and sand. Before using compost on any nursery crop, we recommend you establish a small test area to determine if the compost is right for a particular ornamental species. For top-dressing, an application of 1-cm of Glengrow every three years is recommended.

Residential uses for GlenGrow

For new lawns or gardens

GlenGrow is a perfect topdressing. It's a great way to introduce nitrogen and more organic matter while using less water, without having to worry about your grass burning. For seeding, cover the existing ground with 1-cm of Glengrow, till into the top layer then broadcast seeds and complete the planting normally. For sodding, cover the existing ground with 1-cm of GlenGrow, till it into to the top layer and then install the sod. Keep it moist.

For established lawns

Aerate and spread 1-cm of GlenGrow in late fall or early spring. Water well after applying for best results. 

For flowerbeds

You can amend your soil with about one part GlenGrow to four parts soil or mix 1-cm of GlenGrow with the top few centimetres of existing soil. Water it in. 

For vegetables, tubers, bulbs and berries

Mix 1-cm of GlenGrow with the top few centimetres of existing soil every 3 years. You’ll see salt-sensitive veggies thrive after an application of GlenGrow.  

For trees and shrubs

Dig a hole about double the width and depth of the root ball. Put the plant back into the loosened native soil and top dress with GlenGrow to conserve moisture and feed the soil.