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You can feed your soil with a wonderful compost called OgoGrow; it’s the perfect way to condition your soil the natural way and give it an organic boost. OgoGrow helps your soil retain moisture and drain away any excess water so your plants don’t drown; these are important components to growing a successful garden or having healthy landscaping. OgoGrow also corrects your soil's structural deficiencies by safely returning rich organic matter and essential plant nutrients that may be missing.  

We make OgoGrow by combining biosolids and hog fuel: a byproduct of the local lumber mills. OgoGrow meets the strict requirements of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation: a list of rules for composting biosolids. It also determines the temperatures needed to destroy pathogens in the compost and make them safe for use in your garden. 

You can buy OgoGrow at the Glenmore Landfill and it’s also sold at most retail nursery outlets in Kelowna and select nurseries in Vernon. OgoGrow is available in wholesale amounts at the Regional Compost Facility.

Contact our team for more information about our OgoGrow compost.

OgoGrow purchasing information

Where to buy & availability

You can purchase OgoGrow at the Glenmore Landfill, Regional Compost Facility (wholesale only), many Kelowna nurseries and select Vernon nurseries.

  • Glenmore Landfill
    • Available in retail amounts seven days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Wholesale loading hours: 8-10 a.m., 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1-3 p.m.

    Retail prices at the Glenmore Landfill

    $25.00 plus applicable taxes per cubic yard 
    $4.29 plus applicable taxes per bag

    Wholesale prices at the Glemore Landfill

    Amounts above 3 yards to 7 yards purchased in a single sale - $20.00 per cubic yard
    Amounts over 7 yards purchased in a single sale - $7.50 per cubic yard

    • Regional Compost Facility
      • Wholesale amounts only (5-yard minimum) can be purchased at the Regional Compost Facility from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Wholesale prices at the Regional Compost Facility

    $15.00 plus applicable taxes per yard (5-7 yards)
    $4.00 plus applicable taxes per yard (more than 7 yards)

    * The minimum purchase for wholesale is five yards. All yards must be picked up at time of purchase. Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

    How OgoGrow is made

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    We make OgoGrow by combining biosolids and hog fuel: a byproduct of the local lumber mills. We use an aerobic (with oxygen) treatment process called the Extended Aerated Static Pile Composting Method. Our composting technique allows you to safely use OgoGrow to improve the soil around your flowers, shrubs and vegetable gardens. 

    We source our biosolids from the wastewater treatment facilities in Kelowna and Vernon. Producing useable biosolids takes numerous processing steps. 

    Before we get the biosolids, they go through a settling out process called primary treatment. Then the biosolids are biologically reduced by bacteria and other microorganisms that feed on the organic matter (secondary treatment). As the microbes feast on the dissolved and suspended organic matter, it gets incorporated into their cells. Most disease-causing organisms (pathogens) are destroyed during this process. After further digestion or another equivalent treatment, the living and dead microbes form a stable residual we can treat even more. 

    Properly treating these residuals creates material recognized by the international scientific community as biosolids. When it reaches this refined stage, the product is trucked to the Regional Compost Facility at 551 Commonage Road near Vernon for further processing. 

    At the Regional Compost Facility, the biosolids are mixed daily with wood waste (hog fuel) from the local forest industry. The initial mix is placed on a large concrete “floor” that has openings through which air is blown into the piles. After the pile is built, a layer about a foot thick of previously composted material is poured over the surface. These insulated piles ensure complete composting and act as a biofilter to help remove unpleasant odours. 

    Each pile has two temperature probes placed inside. They provide a constant stream of temperature data that gets sent to a computer, which then controls the rate and direction of air flow through the piles. Composting on the aerated piles for at least 25 days achieves further pathogen reduction. During this time, the temperature must rise above 55 degrees Celsius for at least three consecutive days. In fact, the temperature often rises as high as 65 to 70 degrees Celsius, and often remains in pathogen destruction range for the entire time. 

    The product is then moved, re-blended and placed on secondary aeration for a further 25 to 30 days. 

    After these two periods of aeration, the OgoGrow we’ve made with our composting process is screened to one-half inch in size. Samples are taken and analysed for moisture, fecal coliform, and Salmonella. In order to satisfy the BC Organic Matter Recycling Regulations (OMRR) and the federal Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), there must be less than 1,000 colony forming units per gram (cfu/g) dry weight of fecal coliforms, and less than three cfu/four g of Salmonella. In simpler terms, it has to pass strict tests and be absolutely safe to use before it can be sold. 

    OgoGrow consistently meets these strict safety limits. OgoGrow is defined under OMRR as a Class A compost that can be safely applied to flowers, shrubs and vegetable gardens.

    Commercial uses for OgoGrow


    Professional landscapers appreciate OgoGrow as a natural biosolid landscaping and garden product. OgoGrow includes the macro and micronutrients Okanagan plants need to thrive. Soil conditioned with OgoGrow holds water better, which reduces runoff, erosion and the amount of watering required. It can be used to top dress lawns, mulch flower beds or be incorporated right into the soil for excellent results. 


    OgoGrow is an ideal soil conditioner when applied as a top dressing to aid in moisture conservation and to help in moderating soil temperatures. Compost use is beneficial to the soil and the environment in your orchard. The organic matter can act as a nutrient buffer and improve the soil structure for a year or two after application. 


    Even the finest soils often need a boost, particularly in nurseries. OgoGrow is the perfect way to condition your soil naturally. You can confidently recommend it to your customers. OgoGrow helps your soil retain moisture and drain away any excess water so plants don’t drown. OgoGrow also corrects your soil's structural deficiencies by safely returning rich organic matter and essential plant nutrients that may be missing. 

    Industrial uses for OgoGrow


    OgoGrow is ideal for repairing disturbed or marginal soils in reclamation operations including surface-area mines, coal refuse piles, abandoned mine lands, smelter wastes, mining pits and tailing piles. The benefits include:  

    • Higher water retention  
    • Higher nutrient replacement  
    • Friendlier to wildlife (compared to pellets) 
    • Less odorous (compared to pellets) 
    • Controls PH levels 
    • Provides a stable source of organic matter so nutrients are supplied in a slow-release form 
    • Doesn't require a land application plan 

    Read more about the benefits of OgoGrow in the mining industry and contact our team to learn more about large-volume pricing options.  


    OgoGrow supports increased wood yields resulting in quicker regeneration of deforested areas. With advanced water and nutrient retention, OgoGrow can help maximize volume production leading to faster financial return. The compost is also friendlier to wildlife (when compared to pellets) and provides a stable source of organic matter so nutrients are supplied in a slow-release form. 

    Read more about the benefits of OgoGrow in the forestry industry and contact our team to learn more about large-volume pricing options. 

    Residential uses for OgoGrow

    For new gardens or lawns

    Mix one or two centimetres of OgoGrow with the top few cm of soil before planting. 

    Flower & vegetable gardens

    Mix one cm of OgoGrow with the top few cm of soil. Plant flowers or sow seeds, then water in. Repeat every three years. 

    New lawns - seeding

    Cover existing ground with one cm of OgoGrow. Till into the top layer of soil. Rake smooth and broadcast seeds as recommended. Use a roller to compact and then keep moist. 

    New lawns - sodding

    Cover existing ground with one cm of OgoGrow. Till into the top layer of soil. Rake smooth. Install new sod and keep moist. 

    For established lawns

    Spread one-eighth to one-quarter inch of OgoGrow in late fall or early spring. Water well and aerate after applying for best results.  

    As a mulch

    Spread a one cm layer of compost over garden surfaces. Keep the mulch four or five cm away from the stems of plants and trees. Repeat every three years. 

    Lawn top dressing

    Aerate and apply a half cm layer of finely screened compost. Over-seeding at the same time will help the lawn outgrow weeds naturally. 

    Pots and planters

    Compost is a soil amendment and must be blended before use. Mix four parts soil to one part OgoGrow.