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As part of GIS Day (Geographic Information Systems) 2020, we have released a downloadable Minecraft world that serves as an accurate digital representation of Kelowna based on a variety of different data sets.

Minecraft City of Kelowna world example

How to download Minecraft City of Kelowna world

  1. Click on the download link
  2. Unzip the compressed Kelowna World file
  3. On a PC with Minecraft installed, Navigate to "$AppData$\Roaming\.minecraft\saves"
  4. Copy the uncompressed world folder to the "saves" folder. The KelownaBCCanada world will show as a new world in Minecraft.

How to play within Minecraft City of Kelowna world

Please read this instruction guide.

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The Minecraft game allows players to explore a 3D world by creating built environment by extracting raw materials, crafting tools and building structures or earthworks. With more than 126 million active users, Minecraft has won several awards and has been citied as one of the greatest video games ever.

Learn more about GIS Day

The first formal GIS Day took place in 1999 with the goal of inviting people to learn about geography and the use of GIS to create understanding of the world we live in. Today, GIS Day sees communities from around the world participate in a wide variety of events, programs and talks that showcase the characteristics of our community while sharing the many uses of GIS.