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Kelowna residents are served by four major water purveyors, each with their own water supply rates, requirements and watering restrictions. Find your water provider below if you are unsure.







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About the Utility

The City Water Utility sources its water from Okanagan Lake and provides water to just over half of the Kelowna population. We serve approximately 73,000 customers from the Poplar Point, Eldorado and Cedar Creek, and the Swick Road pump stations. The City water system delivers over 210 million litres of water per day and requires over 630km of pipes, 57 water pump stations, 4 treatment stations and 26 reservoirs to support water delivery.

The Southeast Kelowna and South Mission water systems, added through Phase 1 of the Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan, are an extension of the Cedar Creek system, adding 6,560 people to the potable supply.

Since moving to a metered water system and charging variable water rates in 2003, the Utility has made significant progress in water conservation efforts, giving us an edge during drought years.

Commitment to Quality

The City of Kelowna’s water source is Okanagan Lake. Committed to protecting public, environmental and economic health, the utility has adopted a source-to-tap water management approach that includes watershed protection, water quality monitoring, treatment, distribution system maintenance, cross-connection control and water-use efficiency.

The raw water source is Okanagan Lake. UV transmitters installed at three lake intakes and one located in the Kettle Valley sub-division enhance primary chlorine disinfection. Ultraviolet light treatment is effective in inactivating certain parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidia that can be present in source water.

Groundwater well use and declaration

Under the new Well Regulation Bylaw, all well owners must confirm with the City whether they plan to either: formally decommission their well to be connected to the City Water Utility; continue to use their well for irrigation; or continue to use their well for domestic purposes. The City will assist owners with determining next steps. Particularly property owners within the former SEKID area are asked to contact the City to confirm if a water well exists on their property.

To self-report your property’s water well status, please complete the Groundwater Well Use Declaration Form and submit to the Water Integration Office at integratedwater@kelowna.ca

Water disconnect and connect requests

All residential and commercial buildings are equipped with a main water turn-off valve that is located at the water meter. This valve can be turned off and back on at any time without the use of any special tools and does not require that you notify the City Water Utility in advance.

Fees will be applicable as per Water Regulation Bylaw #104800.

Water Turn-off requests

If you require work to be done on the water line between a water shut-off valve at the meter and the curb stop at the street, you may submit an online Service Request to have City Utility staff come out on-site and turn off the water supply. Alternatively, you may call 250-469-8501  (Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

Please note that a $25 fee that will be invoiced on your City Utility bill for each water turn-off/turn-0n request. 

The request must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of when you anticipate the work being done in order to allow our staff sufficient time to service the site. In the event there is a water line break noted between the curb stop and the main water shut-off valve in the house and is deemed an emergency, please notify us immediately at 250-469-8501.

Water Turn-on requests

Turn-on requests should be submitted through the online Service Request system with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of when service restoration is required. Alternatively, you may call 250-469-8501  (Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

Please note that a $25 fee that will be invoiced on your City Utility bill for each water turn-off/turn-0n request. 

Fall 2020 agricultural irrigation turn-offs
Emergency water requests

After-hour emergency requests can be called in to 250-469-8600.  A $160 fee will be invoiced on your City Utility bill for emergency water disconnect (shut-off) or connect (turn-on) during off-hours.