Regional Compost Facility

The Regional Compost Facility, located at 551 Commonage Road on the outskirts of Vernon, is a joint operation between the City of Vernon and the City of Kelowna designed to effectively compost wastewater treatment plant biosolid material through an environmentally-friendly and financially-sound process.
Opened in 2006, the facility produces a safe and highly-effective soil conditioner, known as OgoGrow, in accordance with the Waste Management Act’s Organic Matter Recycling Regulations. All OgoGrow sales go directly back to the operation to help ensure the long-term, economic sustainability of the Regional facility.

OgoGrow is available for purchase from the facility between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Facility upgrades

The City of Kelowna and City of Vernon completed a facility upgrade in 2010 that increases capacity of the site to 36,400 tonnes of biosolids per year and improves the ability to water the piles effectively. In 2013, 27,000 tonnes were processed and 50,000 cubic yards of OgoGrow were produced.

Odour control measures

Odours are naturally created in the manufacture of compost and not all odours can be avoided, but they can be controlled and minimized through aeration and properly timed mixing techniques. The City of Kelowna and the City of Vernon have undertaken comprehensive odour studies in the last several years. Specialized equipment has been installed that senses the odour levels and this combined with weather information is used to create a model of the odour intensity. There is an action plan in place to modify activities on site if odour levels rise.

For additional information on our odour control measures, please view the Odour Management Plan. 

Odour Management Plan

Environmental Protection Notice - Biosolids Composting Permit Application

On June 9, 2016 the Ministry of Environment amended the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation with respect to larger composting facilities. As a result, in addition to meeting existing requirements and guidelines, the Regional Biosolids Compost Facility now requires a permit from the Province of British Columbia. Due in part to the very short time period to submit the application, the City of Kelowna has hired an environmental services firm to spearhead the application process. The permit includes a public and First Nations consultation process.

Below are the components of the permit application for information purposes:

Regional Biosolids Composting Facility application form
Discharge Source and Associated details document
Application package and required supporting documentation
    Appendix 1 - Figures (included in application package document)
    Appendix 2 - Odour Management Plan
    Appendix 3 - Operating Plan
    Appendix 4 - Spill Response Procedure
    Appendix 5 - Composting Personnel Training Checklist (included in application package document)
    Appendix 6 - The Environmental Impact Study
    Appendix 7 - Amendment to the Environmental Impact Study
    Appendix 8 - Monitoring Report on Leachate Drainage, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.

A hard copy of the complete permit application is available on-site at the Regional Biosolids Composting Facility.