Contaminated soil disposal permit process

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Soil permit requirements:

The Glenmore Landfill can accept Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils which include BTEX, VPH, LEPH/HEPH and Waste Oils exceeding Agricultural standards and below Hazardous Waste standards. Other contaminated soils are not accepted. 

Contaminated Soil is defined in the BC Hazardous Waste Regulation and Contaminated Site Regulation. The Glenmore Landfill is only permitted to accept contaminated soils below hazardous waste criteria.

Contaminated Soil Disposal Permit (PDF)

Only soils within the Central Okanagan Regional District are permitted.

Soil analytical results compared to the applicable soil standards are required. Soil parameters analysed must be representative of the contaminants of concern. It is recommended an environmental consultant collect and submit the samples to a reputable analytical laboratory.

Permit fee is $100 + GST ($105). Soil disposal costs are $8/tonne if the soil is accepted. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or established landfill account and is required at the time of transport to the landfill. Credit cards numbers for the permit fee can be provided to the Landfill at 250-469-8880.

Permit applications can be emailed to Two working days are required to review the permit application and provide a response.

Hauling considerations:

If the soil is accepted, the Landfill requires 24 hours’ notice of soil transport. Call the Landfill Office with notification.
Note: the landfill may not accept soil on rainy days or due to operational limitations.

  • Generally, up to 300 tonnes of soil may be shipped per day.
  • A copy of the signed permit provided to the applicant must be with each driver.
  • Soils must be free of debris larger than 3" in diameter and satisfactory such that soils are suitable for use as garbage cover. Commercial tipping fees apply to all soils that are deemed unsuitable for use as cover material as the material must be buried.
  • Moisture content of soils must be satisfactory such that soils are suitable for use as cover and are able to be spread. If the soil is wet, it will not be accepted.

For more information, contact the Glenmore Landfill at 250-469-8880.