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Water Utility Bill Calculator 

The City of Kelowna Water Utility's Single-Family Residential customers can now estimate their bi-monthly water cost using the Water Utility Bill Calculator. By entering your projected water use over a 2 month period and meter size, this calculator will provide you a breakdown of rates and associated cost.  

Here are some definitions and tips that will help you make the most of the Water Calculator.


Cubic Meters (CM) refers to the volume of water used on property. One cubic meter  (m3) = 1,000 liters which is equivalent to ~250 large jugs of water. 

Potable Water refers to water that is drawn and treated from Okanagan Lake and meets the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines 

Non-Potable Water refers to Irrigation (non-drinkable) water that comes from the upper water shed of Hydraulic Creek. This water source is only available to select properties within Southeast Kelowna

Water Quality Enhancement Fee (WQE) refers to the bi-monthly fee applied to all Utility customers for the purpose of funding water quality improvement projects

What customer classes does this calculator work for?

This calculator is applicable for Single Family Residential customers who have access to potable and / or non-potable water. The calculator is not currently configured to estimate water costs associated with Commercial businesses, Mixed use (combination of Commercial and Residential), Agricultural or Farm Properties, Strata Properties, or Multi-Family Properties.

What information do I need in order to use the calculator?

Your water meter size is typically measured in inches and can be found on any City of Kelowna Water Utility Bill. Most residential homes are listed as having a 5/8 inch meter so if you are unsure of your size, select that one by default. 

What volume of water should I enter if I'm not sure?

The Utility provides some statistical average water consumptions for customers with only have one potable water service and a mixture of grass, shrubs, and garden. Consumption can vary based on lot size and time of year so select the category that best applies to your property. The highest variation would be during outdoor irrigation season while the indoor use remains fairly consistent at 30 cubic meters over a two month billing period. If primarily grass landscaping, increase the May-Oct consumption estimate and if taking water conservation measures, estimates can be reduced.

Lot SizeJan-FebMar-AprMay-JunJul-AugSep-OctNov-Dec
<0.25 acre32 CM28 CM50 CM80 CM110 CM55 CM
0.25-0.5 acre32 CM28 CM67 CM118 CM160 CM60 CM
0.5-1 acre32 CM28 CM85 CM160 CM200 CM67 CM
1-2 acre32 CM30 CM120 CM260 CM340 CM115 CM
2+ acre32 CM33 CM120 CM170 CM180 CM62 CM

If both potable and non-potable water services are connected and available, the recommendation is to enter 30 cubic meters for any 2 month period to represent indoor potable consumption and to reference the following table for average bi-monthly seasonal non-potable irrigation consumption 

Lot SizeMay-JunJul-AugSep-Oct
<0.25 acre20 CM50 CM90 CM
0.25-0.5 acre37 CM88 CM130 CM
0.5-1 acre55 CM130 CM170 CM
1-2 acre90 CM230 CM310 CM
2+ acre90 CM140 CM150 CM


How much will water cost me for the entire year?

This calculator will only provide you the anticipated cost for a single 2 month billing period. For a total yearly cost, the query will need to be run for each of the six billing periods and added together. 

Can I use my water meter information and track my own water use?

You can take readings directly from your water meter over a period of time to measure your water use. For more details as to how to interpret your meter output, you can contact the water meter department at watermeters@kelowna.ca or call us at 250-862-0409.

For those customers that have recently had a new water meter installed with an AMI endpoint, you would have been sent a promotional package for our free EyeOnWater (EOW) program. This secure and confidential software application is easy to use, available for desktop of mobile devices, and provides automated, up to date water meter data for your property. It also has the ability to notify you in the event that there is a potential leak and save you a significant amount of money. If you haven't signed up for this program yet, we encourage to click on our Water Meter webpage for more details. 

For residences with metered non-potable water.