City utility billing

We provide utility services to residents within our service area. Utility bills* are mailed or are available online through Corix eCare service on the 6th or 16th bi-monthly, depending on which billing cycle covers a particular location.  Residential customers who are billed for sewer service only will find these charges on their annual Property Tax Notice.

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The Utility Billing Office's phone lines are staffed Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For account inquiries or general utility information, call 250-979-4928 (Corix). For sewer & water emergencies, call 250-979-4929 (Corix)

* This November, the City of Kelowna will begin handling City water and sewer utility billing, a service currently provided by Corix on the City’s behalf. There are a number of different water utility providers in Kelowna, but this administration change applies to City of Kelowna water customers only. The change applies to all sewer utility customers (unless you pay for sewer on your taxes). For more information, review the upcoming changes section below.

To sign up for a new account

Call the City of Kelowna Utility Billing Office (Corix) at 250 979-4928 to sign up for utility services.  Customers will be asked for two pieces of ID (e.g. social insurance number, driver's license number). 

The current administration charge for new accounts is $5 for water service.  This charge is subject to change, is added to the first billing received by the customer, and does not have to be paid at the time of application.

Utility services and billing information
Services available
  • Water - Residential and commercial customers within the City’s  water supply boundaries  are billed for water supply based on consumption in cubic meters.
  • Residential Sewer - Residential customers who receive sewer services as well as water services from the City of Kelowna are billed for sewer as a flat rate charge on their bi-monthly utility bill. Residential customers who receive sewer only services from the City of Kelowna (with water services provided by other utility providers) are billed annually on their property tax bill.
  • Commercial Sewer - Commercial customers within the City’s sewer service boundaries are based on water consumption in cubic metres. Commercial customers who use water that will not end up in the City’s sewer system, such as for landscape irrigation purposes, are encouraged to investigate the feasibility of purchasing and installing an irrigation credit meter. Such a meter would measure the water that had already passed through the ‘main’ meter and is flowing to the non-sewered activities. Credit meters must be purchased through the City of Kelowna if they are to be read by CustomerWorks meter readers for billing purposes.     
Late payments

A late payment charge of 1.5% will be assessed each month (compounded monthly 19.56% per annum) on all outstanding balances not paid by the due date printed on the utility bill. All payments or credits received on an account will be applied in reverse date order from the oldest outstanding charge to the newest charge.

Any amounts due  which remain unpaid after December 31st of the year are deemed to be taxes in arrears and added to the property taxes on that property. For further information regarding this process, visit our Transfer to taxes FAQs page.

Budget billing
  • The last 12 months of consumption is used to estimate your water usage and divide the total charges into 11 equal installments for the following year with the final month being your true-up / reconciliation bill.
  • To qualify for enrollment in the budget billing plan, your account must be in good standing. This includes the security deposit on your account, which must either be:
    • Paid in full
    • Waived by the property owner, and approved by the utility billing office.
    • If you currently have an outstanding balance, we will not be able to set you up on the Budget Billing Plan.
  • Failing to make one of your monthly payments by the due date, would trigger our regular collection process, and the budget billing plan would be discontinued.
  • Once a year in October through November (depending on the billing cycle), you will receive a true up / reconciliation bill with a charge or a credit for the difference between the monthly installments billed and the actual consumption charged to your account. The true-up / reconciliation bill must be paid in full by the due date. In addition your consumption will be reviewed and the new installment amount will apply to the bill following the true-up / reconciliation bill. If you have a balance to pay after the reconciliation, you will need to do so before the due date on the true-up / reconciliation bill in order to continue with the budget billing plan.

We recommend paying your bill through our Preauthorized Payment Plan to ensure your bills are paid on time; however, you are still able to pay your bill through most financial institutions (at the bank, online, telephone banking), or you can mail Corix a cheque.

For more information, or to cancel your enrollment in the budget billing plan, contact the Corix Customer Care office at 250-979-4928.

Security deposit requirement

The Utility Billing Office will provide information about the security deposit, which will be charged on the first bill.  The security deposit requirement can be waived by having the property owner complete and sign a Security Deposit Waiver.  The signed and completed waiver must then be mailed to the Utility Billing Office (City of Kelowna, Utility Billing Office, PO Box 20220, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2). Once the waivers are verified the deposit charge is then reversed off of the customer’s account. 

No customer shall be allowed to apply for or receive services at a premise if he or she has any outstanding arrears charges for services at any other location in the City’s service areas.

Service disconnections

Customers who have had their service disconnected for non-payment will be charged the current administration charge to have their service reconnected, provided the reconnection can take place before 12 p.m. on a regular working day.  Customers who require after hours reconnection must pay the after hours call out rate.  The current after hours call out rate is $160.  It is the customer’s responsibility to call the City of Kelowna Utility Billing Office (Corix) at 250 979-4928 with their payment receipt number to initiate reconnection.


Contact the Utility Billing Office (Corix) at 250-979-4928, at least two business days before your move so they can close your current account.

Payment options
Internet or telephone banking

Make payment to your customer account number.  For instructions on how to set up the City of Kelowna as an online bill payment, please view the Online Utility Payment Guide.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for utility accounts has been set up to provide customers with an alternate method for paying their City of Kelowna utility bills.

The Pre-Authorized Payment application form must be completed, signed and accompanied by a blank cheque marked VOID. A separate application form is required for each utility account.

Each utility account that is set up on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan will result in a separate payment deduction from the appropriate authorized bank account.

At your financial institution

Present your bill for payment at most financial institutions in Canada.  We are not responsible for errors made by financial institutions.

By mail

Send cheque or money order to City of Kelowna Utility Billing, PO Box 20220, Kelowna BC, V1Y 9H2.  Please allow enough time for mailed remittances to reach the office by the due date.  We do not accept postmarks as proof of payment date. Please utilize alternative payment methods in the event of a postal disruption.

In person at City Hall
  • Methods of payment accepted are:
    • cash,
    • debit card,
    • money order,
    • cheque payable to City of Kelowna. 
  • Our hours of operation are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays).
  • Please remember to present your entire bill when paying at the cashier.
Drop your payment in one of our drop boxes

Use the night deposit boxes at the City Hall Water Street entrance or Doyle Avenue parking lot exit.  Please do not put cash in the deposit boxes.

Sewer repairs and maintenance
Whose responsibility is it?

Customers are responsible for sewer repairs and maintenance on their own property, as well as ensuring that the sewer remains clear of blockages from the building to the main in the street.  Customers should call a plumber to unplug or clear blockages.  If the sewer service requires repair on City property (in the street) call the Utility Billing Office (Corix) at 250 979-4928 to report the service break.  We will reimburse the customer for reasonable plumbing charges incurred in determining that there is a service break on City property.

Changes coming this November
What's changing?

This November, the City of Kelowna will begin handling City water and sewer utility billing, a service previously provided by Corix on the City’s behalf.

There are a number of different water utility providers in Kelowna, but this administration change applies to City of Kelowna water customers only. The change applies to all sewer utility customers (unless you pay for sewer on your taxes). To find your water service provider, check out the water provider map.

Your bill & account

There will be minor changes to the bill statement style; however, paper and ebilling statements will be the same.

Your account number will change and you will want to make adjustments with your financial institution, through online and telephone banking, or on your cheque. But don’t worry – if you accidentally pay to your old account, the payment will be applied to your new one.


Customers who have signed up for ebilling will have access to their current and historical statements through Corix eCare until Dec. 31, 2017.

In November, online City utility billing will be provided at a new web location. Once you receive your first new bill, you can sign up (or re-sign up) for ebilling, which we highly recommend.

Payment plan

The City currently offers a budget billing plan that calculates a customer’s average use and bills that average on a monthly basis. On this plan, customers receive regular bimonthly statements, plus a statement every other month to remind them to pay.

In November, if you are currently enrolled in budget billing you will need to apply for the new Equalized Payment Plan.

The main differences are that on the Equalized Payment Plan you will receive bimonthly statements and make equalized monthly payments. The amount you pay is an average based on actual usage. In order to be on the plan, you will need to sign up for pre-authorized withdrawal (PAWS).

Final budget billing

If you are a budget billing customer, you will receive a final bill in September or October that will bring your account up to date. This true up/reconciliation bill will contain a charge or a credit for the difference between the monthly installments billed and your actual consumption.

Tenant accounts

As part of this change, the City will not open any new tenant accounts. Existing tenant accounts be transferred to the new utility billing system; however, once a tenant account is closed, a new one will not be opened. Moving forward, utility accounts will be in the property owner’s name with an option to have an additional statement mailed to tenants.

Currently, the City of Kelowna transfers closed tenant accounts with an outstanding balance to the owner’s property taxes. In 2018, there will be a grace period; however, in 2019, all outstanding tenant account balances will be transferred to the owner’s property taxes.

The City of Kelowna will no longer collect a security deposit for utility accounts. Existing security deposits will be held until the account is closed, at which point it will be returned.


This fall, utility billing accounts will no longer close when a customer moves because utility accounts will be associated with the property, versus the property owner or tenant.