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Kelowna is a bike-friendly community, boasting the most extensive bicycle network in Canada for a city its size. The network continues to grow and improve year after year with the addition of new cycling infrastructure such as on-street bike lanes, shared pathways and protected bike lanes.

We're committed to the continued expansion and improvement of the bicycle network. We work diligently to plan and build new bikeways, while maintaining existing paths – including sweeping pathways several times per year.

Before you start pedaling, become familiar with Kelowna's Cycle Regulations. Learn more about bike routes in the city and how you can stay safe while cycling. If you don’t own a bicycle, you can explore bikeshare options.

We advise everyone to lock up their bikes properly. You can park your bike at bike racks located throughout the city – including all transit buses – and bike lockers. Follow these helpful tips to keep your bike protected when it’s not in use.

Learn more about cycling programs and tips for cyclists at the Central Okanagan's smartTRIPS website. The Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition also has resources for bicyclists.

Let’s move forward together

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People biking and driving are moving forward on the road together. We all deserve the right to safe travel, regardless of how we choose to get around. To create a safe environment for everyone, it’s necessary to respect the rules of the road and the rights of all road users.

Whether you bike for transportation, exercise or fun, you deserve to do so without feeling uncomfortable or in danger. For motorists, more people on bikes means fewer vehicles on the road, which means less traffic to contend with. It’s important to give people on bikes the space they need and to be cautious when turning.

As we move forward together as a city, we’re creating the change we want to see – a safe, happy and healthy community.