Parkinson Recreation Park

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1800 Parkinson Way
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About the Park

Parkinson Recreation Park is a multi-use space featuring six grass fields, six tennis courts, 12 pickleball courts, the Apple Bowl Stadium and walking and biking trails along Mill Creek.

Parkinson Recreation Park is home to Parkinson Recreation Centre and a variety of both indoor and outdoor recreation leagues and programs including soccer, track & field, rugby, cricket, tennis, pickleball, ultimate and seasonal sport, recreation and cultural programs. Spaces immediately surrounding the recreation facility are also frequently used by pop-up markets or events.

Dogs should be kept on leash and on trails while using the park and sports fields are to be used only during designated times to help maintain good quality fields.   

Parkinson Recreation Park Courts

All City courts are available free of charge on a first come first served basis, subject to rules posted at individual courts. Specified courts may be closed to public use due to Pickleball Kelowna Club allocated time, City programming, tournaments or maintenance.

Parkinson Recreation Centre Pickleball Court Rules

  • When players are waiting for a court, play shall not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Please do not interfere with play on adjoining court by walking across while play is in progress.
  • Paid Private lessons are not permitted.
  • In order to obtain a court, please place your paddles in the fence alongside desired court. This will indicate 30 minutes of waiting has started.

Future Park Plans

As a key component of the Building a Stronger Kelowna initiative, the existing recreation centre on site (Parkinson Recreation Centre) will be redeveloped to the north side of Mill Creek from 2025-2027. The facility will be integrated with the outdoors and make full use of the park setting and will be fully capable of hosting both indoors and outdoor tournaments.

Benefiting from the Apple Bowl and park access nearby the future site, the facility can have more activities in the park, and be close to other future buildings for a safe, pedestrian-oriented campus. This also allows the existing facility to remain in operation during construction of the new centre.

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