Water conservation

We promote wise water usage through the Water Smart program. 

The Water Smart program places a large emphasis on outdoor water use as is applied to landscape watering. A key aspect of the Water Smart program are the free irrigation assessments that assist people in improving their irrigation systems and the Irrigation System Approval application process whereby new and renovated landscaped and irrigated areas go through a process that looks at estimated water use based on how areas will be landscaped. Water Smart visits at least 20 per cent of sites where the applications have been submitted/approved to review the completed projects.

Irrigation System Approval application

What can you do to be Water Smart and conserve water?

Outdoor Water Conservation

Indoor Water Conservation

Irrigation Controller Rebate

In 2016, the City of Kelowna Water Utility offered a $40 rebate to its water customers who purchased a new irrigation controller that was compliant with the updated Water Regulation Bylaw. The rebate applied where a customer replaced a controller that was not capable of being compliant with the City Utility water use restrictions. The deadline to apply for this rebate (August 31, 2016) has now passed and applications are no longer being accepted. The City Utility thanks all who participated in the rebate and for making the choice to be water smart.

Peak demand

Peak demand is when water use is at its highest. Peak demand generally occurs at the end of July and the beginning of August. The water distribution system has to be sized to meet this demand even though it occurs for only a few weeks in the summer. 

We introduced water meters in 1996 and a user-pay water rate in 1998. All customers pay incrementally higher water rates depending on how much they use. Since 2003, the per capita consumption of water in a single-family household has dropped 20%.

Okanagan Water Basin Board

We are part of the Okanagan Water Basin Board - a joint community venture to help encourage Okanagan Valley residents to be water smart. As our valley can be a dry one, it is important to protect and conserve the water we have.

Become Waterwise